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SnapTrack Announces Commercial Availability of SnapSmart v3.0 Location Server Software and Wide Area Reference Network GPS Data Feed

Mar 12, 2001SAN DIEGO

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SAN JOSE, Calif., -- March 12, 2001 -- SnapTrack, Inc., a subsidiary company of Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), announced today the commercial availability of version 3.0 release of its SnapSmart™ location server software and its SnapWARN™ Wide Area Reference Network (WARN) Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system data feed for North America. SnapSmart 3.0 and SnapWARN software will support gpsOne™ and other Hybrid Wireless Assisted GPS™ position location system deployments on both synchronous networks (such as IS-95A/B and cdma2000 1x) and asynchronous networks (such as some WCDMA implementations). SnapTrack's system enables carriers to meet the demands of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) E9-1-1 mandate, and also enables a host of new value-added personal location services and e-commerce applications, such as personal directions and mobile yellow pages. SnapTrack expects deployments of SnapSmart 3.0 and the SnapWARN software in North America, as well as Japan, by year-end 2001.

SnapTrack's SnapSmart 3.0 commercial-grade Position Determination Entity (PDE - the network server portion of a wireless location determination system) software server package is available to OEM suppliers of Intelligent Network Elements. SnapSmart 3.0 supports all wireless air interface standards, and provides wireless infrastructure manufacturers and operators with an advanced Wireless Assisted GPS server software solution and development kit for high-precision wireless location. The SnapSmart 3.0 release software package includes a development kit and development library that can be used to tailor the software to the specific platform needs of an infrastructure provider or wireless operator.

The SnapSmart location server software solution combines Wireless Assisted GPS and network ranging information to provide industry leading position location times (only two to five seconds). It produces highly accurate three-dimensional position fixes by combining terrestrial and satellite positioning and by eliminating the errors introduced by atmospheric disturbances and multipath effects. These error maps eliminate measurement errors within the system, and increase yields of successful position determination to nearly 100 percent. In Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) systems, nearly anywhere a call can be placed, a position can be determined -- even inside buildings and in urban street canyons.

SnapTrack's SmartServer commercial-grade software operates on several industry standard operating systems, including Unix, and supports open interfaces as they move through the standards bodies, such as IS-801.1, PN-3890 and T1P1. Because the software resides at a very accessible server located within the carrier's or service provider's network, upgrades and enhancements can be easily installed and do not require modifications or upgrades to any other portions of an operator's infrastructure.

SnapTrack's SnapSmart server software continuously monitors the 24-satellite GPS constellation through the SnapWARN GPS Wide Area Reference Network. SnapWARN can be made available to users of SnapTrack Wireless Assisted GPS and SnapSmart location server software throughout North America and Hawaii, and can be deployed to support service providers in other markets utilizing SnapTrack's location software products. SnapWARN provides coverage for virtually all of the Continental United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico (north from Mexico City). Location servers or PDEs in carrier facilities or application environments can be located anywhere within SnapWARN coverage and receive a data feed to support the location determination of mobile devices.

SnapWARN consists of an interconnected network of GPS reference receivers and fully redundant communications links connected to data gateways, and from there to location servers operating SnapSmart software. Each SnapWARN service connection receives the combined input from the networked GPS reference receivers optimized to a single narrow-band filtered data feed with full data-integrity checking performed in real time. Wireless Assisted GPS positioning accuracy is further enhanced when SnapWARN input is used in the differential GPS computations performed by SnapSmart software to refine and improve the position fixes and tracking of mobile devices. A SnapWARN data feed can be structured for any wireless market and is specific to a particular geographic region.

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., SnapTrack is focused on integrating GPS and two-way wireless technologies. SnapTrack's patented architecture offers anytime, anywhere, accurate, high-speed location of a wireless caller, even inside buildings where conventional GPS does not operate. SnapTrack pioneered Wireless Assisted GPS and owns patents that are fundamental to the cost-effective deployment of Wireless Assisted GPS-based location systems. The company's Wireless Assisted GPS products include the SnapSmart location server software system, the SnapCore™ multi-mode GPS solution and the SnapWARN GPS reference service. SnapTrack has commercial agreements with major wireless chipset vendors that provide most of the wireless modem chipsets to the industry. In addition, many major carriers have chosen to deploy products and services incorporating SnapTrack technology. For more information, please visit

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