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Qualcomm's Globalstar Satellite-Based Phones Receive International Approvals

Oct 6, 1999SAN DIEGO

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SAN DIEGO -- October 6, 1999 -- Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, and Globalstar, L.P. today announced that Qualcomm-manufactured Globalstar™ satellite portable and fixed phones have received approval from leading regulatory authorities in four continents, bringing the phones within reach of complete worldwide acceptance.

Qualcomm's handheld and fixed phones, designed exclusively for use on the Globalstar satellite-based communications system, have been awarded approvals by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the British Approvals Board for Telecommunications, European Community (BABT). The BABT approvals are accepted across the European Union. Qualcomm has also received approval from Industry Canada, with pending applications in both Brazil and Korea.

Qualcomm has also successfully completed registration of its Globalstar satellite phone products under the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). This is a critical step in ensuring that these products will be recognized by more than 130 countries, which have signed the ITU's Memorandum of Understanding for Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellites. The "GMPCS-MoU" mark is required on all portable wireless communications products, demonstrating they have met the requirements of the ITU and are allowed unrestricted use or movement across national borders between the signatory countries.

"Achieving these milestones is a significant step for both Qualcomm and Globalstar L.P.," said Jerry Beckwith, president, Qualcomm Wireless Systems. "These approvals bring us closer to worldwide acceptance, an important milestone for the Globalstar system."

"We anticipate that the worldwide recognition of the European approval, FCC approval and the ITU registry will minimize the time and expense spent on the approval process in other countries around the world," said Tony Navarra, president, Globalstar L.P.

The Globalstar system is designed to provide affordable satellite-based personal communications services to a broad range of users. Globalstar's service will enable people to make and receive phone calls, short messages and voice messages, and eventually data capabilities for e-mail and facsimiles. Globalstar L.P. will initiate its progressive, regional roll-out of service in October 1999, beginning at Telecom '99 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Qualcomm-manufactured Globalstar satellite phone products include:

A tri-mode portable satellite phone that provides for communications in satellite-mode as well as in cellular CDMA and AMPS mode an all in one handset with no attachments required. A fixed satellite phone system available in both basic and enhanced kits. The fixed phone is designed to make use of commonly available two-wire analog telephone sets for use in remote office environments. A hands-free car kit for use with the tri-mode portable satellite phone to provide hands-free phone use when traveling in an automobile.

Qualcomm also offers accessories including: A cigarette lighter adapter, a universal travel charger, a data cable and a leather protective case.

In addition to the regulatory approvals, Qualcomm has recently received the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) certification for its tri-mode portable satellite phone product. The purpose of this certification program is to enhance the terminal unit performance by verifying conformance with established industry standards. The CTIA performs an independent technical evaluation based on specified criteria. Once conformance is verified, the manufacturer is authorized to display the official certification seal on the products. This certification is recognized and respected by all the major terrestrial service carriers within the United States and its territories and, for some carriers, is a prerequisite for use within their network.

Globalstar, led by founding partner Loral Space&Communications, is a partnership of the world's leading telecommunications service providers and equipment manufacturers, including Qualcomm Incorporated, Alcatel, Alenia, China Telecom (HK), DACOM, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Elsacom (a Finmeccanica company), France Telecom, Hyundai, Space Systems/Loral and Vodafone AirTouch. For more information, visit Globalstar's web site at

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