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Qualcomm's pdQ Smartphone Supports Advanced Wireless Synchronization Server

Sep 22, 1999SAN DIEGO

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NEW ORLEANS September 22, 1999 Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced another installment in the series of profiles highlighting the Company's pdQ(tm) smartphone for the development and deployment of vertical, enterprise and consumer applications and services. Qualcomm's new pdQ smartphone is the only smart phone to offer the popular Palm Computing(r) platform and support access to the Internet based upon standard Internet protocols, making it the ideal device for a broad variety of solutions.

Qualcomm's pdQ smartphone was chosen by WaveWare Communications, Inc. as one of the key platforms for its new WaveSync, the premier synchronization server. WaveSync enables Palm Computing platform users to synchronize with an enterprise server, allowing multiple users to synchronize multiple applications simultaneously with a central server from the desktop or remotely via a wireless device such as the pdQ smartphone.

"The pdQ smartphone's combination of the popular Palm Computing platform with CDMA wireless data access demonstrates the flexibility to support a wide variety of business solutions," said Gina M. Lombardi, vice president of product management for Qualcomm Consumer Products. "With WaveSync, enterprise IT managers will be able to easily update information and applications from their networks to operatives using the pdQ smartphone in the field."

"WaveSync transforms Palm Computing connected organizers into enterprise tools," said Martha Dennis, president and CEO of WaveWare Communications. "With our patent-pending Accelerated Synchronization Technology [AST(tm)], WaveSync performs up to five times faster than HotSync(r) technology over standard wireless and Internet links."

Qualcomm's pdQ smartphone combines the popular Palm Computing platform with a CDMA digital wireless phone that supports wireless Internet access and email. The pdQ smartphone offers businesses and consumers end-to-end security for sensitive transactions through the use of standard Internet protocols. Users can input data three ways: through Palm Computing's Graffiti(r) power writing software, the on-screen keyboard, or through a personal computer's keyboard when connected to the pdQ smartphone with the included HotSync technology or through WaveWare's WaveSync. Users can transfer and synchronize information between the pdQ smartphone and a personal computer, including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange data. The pdQ smartphone ships with a charging/synchronization cradle, lithium ion battery and a headset that enables users to talk on the phone while simultaneously using the PDA portion of the unit.

The WaveSync package includes a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use network management tool that allows IT managers to control Palm organizers accessing the enterprise server. Pressing a single button on their organizer allows users to perform a number of communication tasks at once, including updating their Palm Computing devices with information such as revised company phone lists, new forms or program upgrades, while simultaneously updating the enterprise server with data, contacts and customer appointments stored in their handhelds. WaveSync is compatible with existing conduits designed for Palm Computing's built-in synchronization and works in the cradle, over wired and wireless modems, or through the Internet.

WaveSync is available from WaveWare Communications, Inc. at Pricing starts at $795 for a three-user version, $2,495 for a ten-user version and $7,495 for a 100-user version. Attractive per-user licensing is available for larger numbers of users.

WaveWare Communications, located in San Diego, is a software company specializing in thin-route, thin-client computing and connectivity. WaveWare's business focus is enabling mobile data connectivity and networking for handheld computing devices for enterprise and Internet access. WaveWare Communications can be contacted at 619-558-1233 x43; fax at 619-558-0215; e-mail at [email protected]; or through WaveWare's site at

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