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Qualcomm Introduces New Generation of CDMA Base Stations Offering Macrocell Performance in a Microcell Package

Feb 8, 1999SAN DIEGO

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NEW ORLEANS -- February 8, 1999 -- Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today unveiled the QCell™ 600 series, a new generation of cdmaOne™ base stations that offer macrocell performance in a microcell package. The versatileQCell 600 series was designed with direct input from industry-leading wireless operators, resulting in a product that addresses the business and technical requirements of cellular and PCS service providers worldwide.

"What's unique about Qualcomm's QCell 600 product is its adaptability in terms of meeting specific, real-world market requirements," said Wayne Leuck, vice president of Wireless Engineering Technology for U S WEST Wireless. "As an operator, we chose this product because it addresses a broad range of concerns, including cost, performance, deployment flexibility and evolution to the next generation of wireless services."

"The QCell 600 series is the result of aligning the best CDMA developers in the industry with the needs of the market place," said Jerry Beckwith, president of Qualcomm Wireless Systems. "Developed to directly improve operator profitability by decreasing the initial capital expense for network deployment and lowering recurring monthly operating expenses, the QCell 600 can significantly reduce per site installation and maintenance costs."

"The new QCell 600 series base stations are the first of their kind to provide conventional three-sector macrocell performance in a footprint that is dramatically smaller and about one-fourth the weight," added Beckwith.

The QCell 600 series provides operators with a clear migration path to third-generation cdma2000™ services. Operators now have a cost-effectiveupgrade path that protects their initial capital investment and evolves their network from current voice and data capabilities to one that will accommodate high-speed multimedia services in the future.

The QCell 600 consists of three remote Radio Frequency (RF) units and one main unit, each roughly the size of a backpack, delivering the capacity andcoverage of a three-sector macrocell, which can be as large as two full-size refrigerators side-by-side. The new base stations accommodate 160 channel elements and 15 Watts of RF output power per sector. The basestation can be configured with one, two or three sectors, or as an omni-cell with multiple carriers.

Entirely self-contained and environmentally designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the QCell 600 series is ideal for wall or pole-mounted installations. In addition, the QCell 600 series' compact designsimplifies commissioning and zoning approvals, enabling operators to offer commercial service faster.

Fully configured, the base station uses a maximum of 925 Watts, less than a typical hair dryer uses. The lower power consumption contributes to reduced operating expenses for carriers.

The new QCell 600 is also factory-sealed and calibrated for rapid commissioning, making optimization in the field faster and easier. The integrated web-based configuration tool is designed to facilitate site installation and commissioning without special test equipment. In addition, improved operations allow for new applications to be downloaded rapidly.

The QCell 600 series is being showcased in Qualcomm's booth, number 3125, at the CTIA '99 show in New Orleans, La., this week. The first productsare expected to be commercially deployed in the second half of 1999.

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