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Qualcomm Introduces New CDMA Digital Phone Accessories

Feb 8, 1999NEW ORLEANS

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced the introduction of a new range of accessories that provide expanded capabilities to the entire line of Qualcomm CDMA phones. The new accessories include a data connectivity kit, two new hands-free car kits, a desktop charger for Qualcomm's new Thin Phone that can charge three batteries simultaneously and three new hands-free headsets. For more information on Qualcomm's accessories, visit the Qualcomm Store, an Internet-based retail shop at "Our new accessory line provides added functionality and greater ease of use for consumers whose active lifestyle makes their Qualcomm phone a key communications tool," said Gina Lombardi, vice president of product development for Qualcomm Consumer Products. "All of Qualcomm's new hands-free car kits, including the voice-activated model, support enhanced user operations. In addition, the new data connectivity kit provides mobile professionals with a true wireless link to meet their communicationneeds."

Data Connectivity Ki

The Qualcomm data connectivity kit includes a phone-to-PC cable and Windows-based software that uses an industry-standard format, allowing users to transfer phone numbers seamlessly to any Qualcomm phone from a variety of contact manager programs such as Microsoft Outlook™, Symantec ACT!®, Lotus Notes and PalmPilot™ desktop databases. Users can drag and drop names and phone numbers from a PC directly to the phone, allowing themto create and store multiple phone lists easily. A salesperson, for example, could create separate phone lists for weekly contacts, daily to-do-list numbers and personal phone numbers. New phone numbers can be entered into the handset quickly with the Speed Dial Manager feature, and backup copies of the handset phone lists can be stored securely on a user's computer. When a Qualcomm phone is connected to a laptop, the software allows incoming call messages to be silently displayed on the laptop's screen. In wireless markets where CDMA data services are available, the software can configure the Qualcomm phone as a wireless modem to provide remote access to email and the Internet. The data connectivity kit is designed to work with the Qualcomm Q™ phone, QCP™ series and the Qualcomm Thin Phone.

Voice-Activated, Hands-Free Car Kit

Qualcomm's new installable car kit, designed specifically for the Qualcomm Thin Phone, uses voice-recognition to provide hands-free operation of any Qualcomm phone. Consumers can use the voice-recognition system to add and delete phone number entries, and initiate and answer calls through voice commands alone. The kit also automatically mutes most car stereos when a call is received. In addition, the kit provides rapid battery recharge capabilities and full duplex operation, while its sleek new cradle requires minimal installation space in a car's interior.

Portable Hands-Free Car Kit

The portable hands-free car kit is tailored for the new Qualcomm Thin Phone models, the QCP-860 and QCP-1960 handsets. The kit, which requires no installation aside from plugging it into the cigarette lighter port, provides full duplex operation, an external microphone, volume control and rapid battery charging. When the user moves to another vehicle, the device easily unplugs for quick and convenient transport.

Dual-port Desk Charger

The dual-port desk charger is designed specifically for the new Qualcomm Thin Phone models, the QCP-860 and QCP-1960 handsets. The charger can simultaneously recharge up to three batteries at once, with the phone's internal battery and an attached external battery in its front port and an additional external battery pack on its rear port. The desk charger provides an LED status indicator for the rear port. The front port charge status is displayed by the phone itself.


Three new headsets that are compatible with the Qualcomm Q phone, QCP series and the Thin Phone will become available in the first half of 1999. With the headset adapter, these headsets allow the user to listen and talk while keeping their hands free for other tasks. The new compatible headsets are:

  • Plantronics CHS142N hearing aid-compatible, noise-cancelling boom microphone
  • Plantronics CHS132N lightweight (less than 1/3 ounce) noise-cancelling microphone
  • Jabra EarSet combined earpiece and microphone, very lightweight (1/10 ounce)

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