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Qualcomm Introduces its New CDMA Digital Thin Phone

Jan 25, 1999SAN DIEGO

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SAN DIEGO -- January 25, 1999 -- Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced the new Qualcomm Thin Phone, its fourth generation of CDMA digital wireless phones. The Qualcomm Thin Phonefeatures an ultra-thin design with an internal battery and hot-swappable external battery options. The sleek, new phone incorporates Qualcomm'slatest integrated CDMA Mobile Station Modem MSM™ chipset that provides talk times of up to 10 hours in digital mode and supports standby times of up to 8 days with external battery options. The Qualcomm Thin Phone is so thin and light weighing in at just over 4 ounces that it is as comfortable in your hand as it is in your pocket.

The two new Qualcomm Thin Phone models are the QCP-860™, an 800 MHz dual-mode CDMA digital and analog cellular phone, and the QCP-1960™, a 1900 MHz single-mode digital PCS phone. Both models support state-of-the-art phone, pager, voice-mail and data transfer features and will offer a number of innovative metallic color options in addition to black. The Qualcomm Thin Phone is expected to begin shipping in the first half of 1999.

"'Thin is in' for consumer electronics in 1999, and Qualcomm has the phone that brings 'thin' to the wireless consumer," said Dr. Paul E. Jacobs,president of Qualcomm Consumer Products. "Our new Qualcomm Thin Phone combines a slim design profile with long battery life, allowing users to take this phone with them anywhere. The phone is designed for ease of use with the new wireless user in mind and includes advanced features for even the most sophisticated user. The sleek new phone offers a choice of several elegant color options to meet consumers' individual styles."

The new Qualcomm Thin Phone features a five-line, backlit LCD display and has two smart keys just below the display that enable easy navigation through the user interface menu options, including a customizable phone book with 99 memory storage locations. The phone also includes 8 kbps and 13 kbps vocoders, as well as the new Enhanced Variable Rate Vocoders (EVRC) which support increased network capacity for the carrier while maintaining maximum voice quality for their customers.

The Qualcomm Thin Phone is designed with an internal battery that supports extended talk and standby times. External, hot-swappable slim and extended-life battery options further increase these times and can be added to the phone to supplement the internal battery without interrupting conversations or data transfer. Improved talk and standby times from such a thin, lightweight phone are possible because the phone incorporates the latest Qualcomm MSM3000™ single chip Mobile Station Modem. With very low-power-requirement microprocessor architecture, the MSM3000 reduces talk and standby power consumption and is supported by full-featured software that can handle rapid data transfer.

Data connectivity to a PC is available through an optional data cable, which allows users to download phone book information from their PC, or anydevice connected to it, including a variety of personal digital assistants (PDAs), to the Qualcomm Thin Phone's internal phone book memory. TheQualcomm Thin Phone will also support the new generation of wireless microbrowsers for Internet access.

A new line of accessories will become available for the Qualcomm Thin Phone, including a data connectivity kit, desktop charger, travel charger, leather case, car power adapter, data cable, three headset options and transportable hands-free car kit.

The new Thin Phones complement Qualcomm's entire family of advanced CDMA digital phones, including the Q™ phone series and the QCT™ series of cellular and PCS fixed wireless phones. The hallmarks of every Qualcomm CDMA digital phone include crystal clear voice quality, enhanced privacy and fewer dropped calls.

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