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Qualcomm Announces Software Developer's Program for the pdQ Smartphone

Nov 18, 1998SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), pioneerand world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wirelesstechnology, today announced the establishment of the pdQ™ smartphoneSoftware Developer's Program. The new program will provide developers withresources and tools to create new applications for the pdQ smartphone, arevolutionary all-in-one CDMA digital wireless phone and Palm Computing®platform-based organizer. As an integral part of the program, Qualcomm willrelease a new Software Developer's Kit (SDK) that enables developers towrite new applications or enhance existing Palm III™ applications usingthe pdQ smartphone's ability to provide continuous wireless networkconnectivity.

"Qualcomm is extending the Palm Computing platform to a new generation ofcommunication devices that will benefit end users by providing them withboth general applications and customized solutions for personal andbusiness productivity," said Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, president of QualcommConsumer Products. "The developer community surrounding the Palm Computingplatform is one of the most vibrant in the world, and has created over athousand applications which will run on Qualcomm's pdQ smartphone. We lookforward to seeing the innovations spurred by the potent combination ofwidespread wireless data infrastructure, a smartphone the pdQ that istargeted to the consumer market, and the creativity of the Palm developercommunity."

"There is a great demand among both consumers and mobile professionalsalike for products that combine the functionality and ease-of use of ourworld-leading Palm Computing platform with the convenience of wirelesstelephony," said Mark Bercow, vice president of strategic alliances andplatform development for Palm Computing, a 3Com company. "Qualcomm, withtheir expertise in delivering great wireless technology-based solutions,has proven to be a great match for us in our efforts to help meet thisdemand. Their new developer program will help fuel a whole new class ofconsumer applications that will further expand the Palm Computing platformin the rapidly growing wireless handheld solutions market."

Initially, Qualcomm's developer support program will offer a web site and three email lists: pdQdeveloper, pdQdevnews and pdQdevtalk. The three email lists will allowexternal developers to contact the Qualcomm development support team,receive updates and development announcements, and collaborate with otherpdQ developers. Developers will be able to preview the SDK document andlearn about the developer program from the web site. A beta version of theSDK is expected to be available in December 1998, and version 1.0 of theSDK is expected in January 1999. Qualcomm will be instituting acertification program for applications written for the pdQ smartphone.

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