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Qualcomm Stadium Set to Host 1998 World Series

Oct 20, 1998SAN DIEGO

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In a World Series already dubbed "theBronx versus the Beach," center stage is about to shift to Qualcomm Stadiumin San Diego, Calif. Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a world leaderin digital wireless communications technologies and products, contributed$18 million to the city of San Diego's 1997 stadium renovation andexpansion project in exchange for the naming rights to the facility for 20years. 1998 has been a "home run year" for Qualcomm and Qualcomm Stadium,with the hosting of Super Bowl XXXII in January, and now the World Series.This exciting milestone marks the first time in history that the Super Bowland the World Series have been held in the same stadium in the same year.

When San Diego last hosted the World Series in 1984, Qualcomm was one yearaway from its formation. Fourteen years later, Qualcomm is San Diego'slargest private employer and a technological force on a global stage.Qualcomm's Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) wireless technology hasbeen a "hit" around the world, and is the basis for today's fastest-growingdigital wireless technology, as well as for the third-generation systemswhich will lead our communications into the next millennia.

Gone are the days when stadiums were adorned with cigarette and liquoradvertising. Today, both Yankee Stadium and Qualcomm Stadium reflect thechanges in our world, with signage from the likes of Bell Atlantic Mobile,Sprint PCS and GTE all customers for Qualcomm's digital wireless phones.During televised games, crowd shots are filled with people using theirwireless phones, calling friends at home or across the stadium. Fans willsoon be able to use their digital phones to tap the Internet for the myriadstatistics that make baseball unique, from the batting average of thehitter at the plate versus lefties to how the "Babe" played in the 1920s.

"When the Padres honored Qualcomm with the throwing of the first pitch ofthe season, our hope was for the Padres to reach the World Series," saidRichard Sulpizio, president of Qualcomm. "Now that the Series is coming toSan Diego and Qualcomm Stadium, we look forward to fans around the worldseeing exciting baseball from the 'Q.'"

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