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Qualcomm Provides Baseball Playoff Tickets to "Qualcomm Kids"

Oct 2, 1998SAN DIEGO

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SAN DIEGO October 2, 1998 Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) todayannounced it will provide fifty-one 1998 National League Division Seriesplayoff tickets through the Qualcomm Kids program to benefit organizationsthat support San Diego's youth. The Jackie Robinson Family YMCA will bethe recipient of tickets for Saturday's playoff game between the San DiegoPadres and Houston Astros. Nearly 10,000 tickets have been distributed toover 180 youth organizations from San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico since theprogram's inception in April 1997.

Qualcomm will continue to support the Qualcomm Kids program through theduration of the playoffs and the World Series games. Sunday's recipient oftickets will be the Make a Wish Foundation. At the playoff games, Qualcommwill also provide each Qualcomm Kid with a Qualcomm Kids tee-shirt."Through the Qualcomm Stadium naming rights agreement, Qualcomm had theopportunity to create the Qualcomm Kids program," said Rich Sulpizio,president of Qualcomm Incorporated. "The Qualcomm Kids program has allowedus to offer tickets to thousands of San Diego youth, and we're excited toextend the program through the baseball playoffs and World Series. ThePadres have had a great season this year and we are proud to support ourwinning team and the community in this way."

"It has been said that kindness is the overflow of one's self into thelives of others," said Michael Brunker, executive director, Jackie RobinsonFamily YMCA. "Through the kindness of Qualcomm Kids, the Jackie RobinsonFamily YMCA has been able to bring boys and girls from southeastern SanDiego to professional sporting events that they would otherwise notexperience in a lifetime. Attending game three of the division playoffseries this Saturday will not only provide long-lasting memories, but alsoan example that hard work really pays off! We want all kids to be winnersin the biggest game of all, the game of life!"

The Qualcomm Kids program provides for the donation of 51 tickets for eachSan Diego Padres and Chargers regular-season home game. For ticketinformation, interested groups may contact Ellie Glaser, senior manager ofQualcomm Community Development, at (619) 658-2033.

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