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IS-634 Open Interface System is Launched by ChaseTel Using Qualcomm andAlcatel Network Equipment

Sep 23, 1998SAN DIEGO

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ORLANDO, Fla. - September 23, 1998 - Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM)today announced the commercial launch of a cdmaOne™ (IS-95 Code DivisionMultiple Access) network utilizing the IS-634 open system radio-switchinterface, which offers operators flexibility in designing their wirelessnetworks for their particular price and performance needs. ChaseTelecommunications, Inc. ("ChaseTel") is providing CDMA PersonalCommunications Services (PCS) in Chattanooga, Tenn. using Qualcomm's radioaccess equipment and Alcatel's switching platform.

"Alcatel and Qualcomm understand that operators need access to versatileproducts that can be adapted to meet specific market needs," said LarryBrittain, regional vice president of North American Operations forQualcomm's Wireless Infrastructure Division. "We are pioneering theimplementation of open interface standards for CDMA networks so operators,like ChaseTel, can separate the evaluation of switching and CDMA accesscomponents, selecting the best combined CDMA network solution for theirneeds."

"We are extremely proud to be pioneering a new network architecture withQualcomm and Alcatel, who have worked closely with us to ensure a smoothlaunch and successful operation of the system," said Anthony Chase,chairman and president of ChaseTel. "As an operator, it's important tohave the opportunity - and the technical freedom - to select top tierequipment suppliers that can best meet the needs of our customer base."

The network features Qualcomm's QCore™ 22 base station controllers fullyintegrated with the Alcatel 1000 S12 switching center via the IS-634 openinterface, as well as QCell™ base stations from Qualcomm.

"Successful operators of wireless networks are demanding support of openinterfaces, and we see a continued, growing demand for this type ofsolution," Joe Turgeon, assistant vice president of product marketing andsales for Alcatel's Mobile Switching Group.

ChaseTel's advanced CDMA network will provide coverage to more than 300,000potential customers in the Chattanooga area. ChaseTel is a C-Block licenseholder with 15 MHz PCS licenses in 11 Basic Trading Areas (BTAs) throughoutTennessee and parts of six surrounding states.

Qualcomm's products optimize cdmaOne technology to its greatest potential,providing high performance networks to operators all over the world. As aleading CDMA equipment provider, Qualcomm offers turnkey fixed and mobilesystems to 800 MHz cellular and 1900 MHz PCS operators. Qualcomm has CDMAnetwork deployments planned or underway in North and South America,Asia-Pacific, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Africa. As thepioneer of CDMA technology, Qualcomm continues to invest in the research,development and standardization of new CDMA products and features, as wellas third-generation digital wireless services.

ChaseTel, a privately held corporation, intends to become a leadingprovider of broadband PCS in the State of Tennessee and surrounding areas.ChaseTel bid for and has been granted C-Block licenses by the FederalCommunications Commission to provide PCS service to the approximately 6.3million potential customers in its service area, including the Chattanooga,Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville metropolitan areas. ChaseTel's servicearea covers approximately 98 percent of the population of the state ofTennessee, and contiguous portions of six adjacent states. ChaseTel hasits operational headquarters in Nashville, Tenn.

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