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Qualcomm Enters Into CDMA Subscriber License Agreement With CASIO

Apr 16, 1998SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that it has entered into a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) subscriber license agreement with CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. of Japan. Under the terms of the multi-million dollar, royalty-bearing agreement, Qualcomm will grant CASIO a license to manufacture and sell subscriber products for wireless applications, including cellular, Personal Communications Services (PCS) and wireless local loop based on its Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA) IS-95 standard.

"With CASIO being a high-quality manufacturer, we expect them to be an integral part of meeting the growing demand for CDMA products," said Steve Altman, executive vice president and general manager of Qualcomm's Technology Transfer Division. "This agreement demonstrates yet another major Japanese company's commitment to Qualcomm's CDMA technology as it becomes the leading digital standard around the world."

CDMA is the digital technology of choice for digital cellular and PCS in the United States. CDMA offers higher voice quality with longer talk and standby times and greater wireless access to millions of subscribers.

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