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Qualcomm Announces New Marketing Strategy for QEDesign Network Planning and Deployment Software

Feb 23, 1998ATLANTA

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that in a move designed to increase operator access to the benefits of accurate network planning, the Company will offer a price reduction on its QEDesign network planning and deployment software package.

As the number of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks worldwide continues to increase, the need for a new generation of accurate, reliable network planning tools has grown substantially. Subsequently, as competition between wireless operators increases, superior network performance becomes a key factor in maintaining a competitive advantage. A well-planned network maximizes system performance and results in both capital and operational cost savings for operators. In an effort to make it easier for operators to realize the benefits of powerful CDMA network planning, Qualcomm is offering QEDesign and related maintenance and support services at a markedly reduced price. Qualcomm is also offering a price incentive to customers switching from competing network planning tools.

"Offering our industry-leading QEDesign software solution at an attractive price is an indication of Qualcomm's long-term commitment to each and every CDMA operator around the world," said Mark Kelley, director of network planning at Qualcomm. "Increased availability of our product will enable operators to get the most out of their CDMA networks and maintain a competitive advantage in their markets."

QEDesign is the only software of its kind designed specifically for cdmaOne (IS-95 and J-STD-008) networks, resulting in highly accurate and resource-efficient radio network designs. This comprehensive network planning and deployment tool also has integrated support for analog systems, making it easy for operators to transition from analog to CDMA. The package includes a host of features designed to accurately model complex CDMA systems, including multi-CDMA carrier networks, interference from pilot pollution, and propagation in dense-urban environments. QEDesign is an end-to-end network planning solution for the life of a CDMA network, with capabilities to guide operators through initial planning, system optimization and network expansion.

Qualcomm's QEDesign software was recently granted a U.S. patent, which covers all of the critical elements for CDMA analysis utilized in the software. Qualcomm's patented software takes advantage of the Company's expertise as the pioneer of CDMA technology, and integrates advanced algorithms to accurately simulate all aspects of CDMA network design.

For customers migrating from competing CDMA network planning tools, QEDesign will be offered at a suggested list price of $15,000 for a one-year single unit license. For customers who are not migrating from another product, the list price for QEDesign is $25,000 for a one-year single unit license.

The software support, maintenance and upgrade package will be offered at a list price of $5,000 per year for customers with five or fewer licenses, and $10,000 per year for customers with five to 10 licenses. Support for customers with more than 10 licenses will be determined on a per-project basis. These prices apply to the standard Release 2.0 package only; optional modules are priced separately.

Qualcomm is also an authorized Sun Microsystems reseller, and offers avariety of QEDesign hardware and software configurations. Geographic and demographic data for use with QEDesign or other network planning products is available through Qualcomm's professional GIS organization. For more information on QEDesign, please call Qualcomm at 1-800-251-6693 or internationally, call +1-619-658-1848. Alternatively, please e-mail QEDesign at [email protected].com, or visit the web site at

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