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Qualcomm Announces Intent to UpgradeNow Utilities' Top Components for OS 8 Compatibility


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Based on user demand and the popularity of the latest version of the Macintosh operating system, Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM), a world leader in wireless communications and advanced electronic messaging solutions for the Internet, today announced the intent to make Qualcomm's Now Utilities® most popular components compatible with Mac™ OS 8. Qualcomm also announced the availability of Now Utilities 6.7.1, an update to the popular Now Utilities 6.7.

For those seeking a powerful addition to Mac OS 8's own new enhancements, including contextual menus and pop-up windows, Qualcomm intends to make the three most-requested components OS 8 compatible: Now SuperBoomerang™, Now Menus™ and Now WYSIWYG Menus™. In addition, Now Utilities for OS 8 will include Now Scrapbook™.

Now Super Boomerang - Well known for its powerful navigation functionality, Now Super Boomerang software includes an easy-to-use and speed-enhancing interface, allowing users to find, copy, rename or delete files from inside Open and Save dialogs. With Now Super Boomerang, users can see items they use most often, make permanent folders accessible with a single click, and return instantly to the last item used, in every Open and Save dialog box.

Now Menus - Allows easy access to files with the capability to display hierarchical sub-menus several menus deep. Also allows users to add unlimited, moveable, custom pull-down menus to the menu bar. Users can define hotkeys for menu commands and drag items to menus to open them. Now Menus software attaches recent files to applications allowing easier item identification. Now Menus also supports easy Drag and Drop configuration.

Now WYSIWYG Menus - Allows users to see font names in actual typefaces when using the Font, Size and Style menus, so users can make selections and see results quickly. Font families are grouped together in sub-menus. Users can quickly change the order in which fonts appear, sort fonts to restore alphabetical order, specify special colors and/or sizes and turn fonts on/off in the Font menu. Also users can create global font settings for all applications, or set options separately for different applications.

The Now Utilities 6.7.1 update offers over 20 improvements in Now AutoType®, Now QuickFiler™, Now Startup Manager™, Now Tabs™ and Now Scrapbook. The update is not OS 8 compatible; however it enhances the overall utility set for users who have not yet migrated to OS 8.

Beginning February 1998, all Now Utilities products will be available via electronic download only, direct from Qualcomm. The Now Utilities 6.7.1 update will be free to registered users of versions 6.5 or 6.7. Other interested parties may download a one-week trial version of Now Utilities 6.7.1 at The OS 8-compatible version of Now Utilities and pricing information is expected to be available during the first quarter of 1998.

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