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QC Signs Agreement with Centre for Development of Telematics in Indiato Integrate CDMA Wireless Local Loop Equipment

Dec 30, 1997SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced a signed agreement with the Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) in India. The two companies intend to jointly develop a V5.2 interface between C-DoT's switching platform and Qualcomm's CDMA QCore Base Station Controllers (BSCs). Once the interface is developed, C-DoT's family of digital switches and Qualcomm's cdmaOne (IS-95 Code Division Multiple Access) infrastructure equipment will be able to be integrated, providing cost effective wireless local loop solutions for global markets, including India.

"By selecting Qualcomm, the developers of CDMA technology, C-DoT has ensured that the latest CDMA products and services will be available to the Indian basic telecommunications market. This mutually beneficial agreement also enables us to jointly pursue wireless local loop opportunities in the global market, and we are confident that this new system architecture will provide a cost effective solution to basic telecommunications service providers worldwide," said K. N. Gupta, executive director, C-DoT.

"As leading, customer-focused telecommunications providers, Qualcomm andC-DoT realize that by offering operators an expanded portfolio of products, we will be able to better meet the needs of the growing wireless local loop market worldwide. As a result of this agreement, the C-DoT system will accommodate CDMA-based wireless local loop technology, so that rural as well as suburban telecom services can be further enhanced," said Marshall Towe Jr., Qualcomm's regional vice president of infrastructure sales, Asia. "We are pleased that C-DoT has chosen Qualcomm to integrate their systems for wireless local loop applications, and we look forward to a productive and long-term relationship with C-DoT."

The V5.2 interface is an open interface standard between the switch and the BSC in a wireless local loop system. The interface allows equipment from different vendors to communicate based on a standard set of specifications, allowing operators to choose network elements from multiple vendors.

The agreement with C-DoT complements Qualcomm's overall strategy to offer operators additional flexibility in designing their CDMA networks through the implementation of standard interfaces such as V5.2 and IS-634. Qualcomm recently announced agreements with Alcatel and NEC to develop IS-634 interfaces for mobile networks. C-DoT has an established powerful switching platform that is already deployed worldwide, and is fully supportive of CDMA technology and the V5.2 standard interface. The combined expertise of Qualcomm and C-DoT will be beneficial to operators looking to expand basic telecom service through wireless local loop systems.

The V5.2 interface will further benefit C-DoT licensees by giving them access to a new architecture for wireless local loop systems. Qualcomm is already working with Indian Telephone Industries (ITI), the largest manufacturer of C-DoT switches. Operators who have already deployed C-DoT switches will be able to easily migrate their systems to support CDMA wireless local loop network elements.

C-DoT, an autonomous Research & Development organization of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), has a cost-effective family of digital switches ranging from 200 to 40,000 lines. There are already 20,000 exchanges based on C-DoT technology supporting more than six million lines in the Indian telecom network. C-DoT also has an established base of switches deployed in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

CDMA, developed by Qualcomm for commercial wireless applications, is easier to deploy, more flexible, and more cost-effective than other WLL technologies. Qualcomm will continue to offer its stand-alone CDMA networks to global markets, which support fixed, mobile and hybrid requirements. Qualcomm's advanced system architecture, network infrastructure components, subscriber products and ancillary equipment provide complete solutions to telecommunications carriers worldwide.

Qualcomm has emerged as a leader in the WLL arena, and is the supplier of India's first commercial CDMA wireless local loop system, operated by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) in New Delhi, India. The company has also deployed commercial systems in Russia, and has agreements to deploy WLL systems in Bangladesh, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Ukraine. Qualcomm's mobile CDMA systems are being deployed in several other countries, including the United States and Chile.

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