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Qualcomm Announces a New Internet Communications Solution For Windows®: Eudora Pro® CommCenter 4.0


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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a leader in wireless communications and advanced electronic messaging solutions for the Internet, today announced the availability of a new Internet communications solution for the Windows platform, Eudora ProCommCenter 4.0. Incorporating Qualcomm's latest version of its marketleading Internet software—Eudora Pro Email 4.0—CommCenter 4.0 combines email, voice messaging, chat and paging, allowing users to control and manage all Internet communication from one desktop. The new CommCenter 4.0 will be showcased at Fall Internet World, December 10-12 at Qualcomm's booth, number 1867.

"The future of communicating on the Internet is available now. Eudora Pro CommCenter 4.0 is the premiere tool for managing the newest means of communications on the Internet—faxing, voice messaging and real time communication," said Jeff Jacobs, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm's Eudora division. "Using the Internet as a global conduit through which you communicate, obtain and manage your information, CommCenter 4.0 creates a virtual office to work from whether you're at home, in the office, or on the road."

Eudora Pro CommCenter 4.0 provides users:

  • Internet Email - Incorporating Eudora Pro Email 4.0, CommCenter 4.0 offers numerous new features and enhancements such as support for the latest industry standards like IMAP4, LDAP and HTML. There is also a newly designed user interface which includes a message preview pane, floating dockable windows and a "make filters" command which lets users create filters with the click of a button.
  • Internet Messaging Utilities - CommCenter 4.0 provides users with solutions for the four key challenges of Internet messaging: security, virus protection, file compression and attachment viewing. These are the four "must have" tools to protect your communications from prying eyes and viruses. They also increase users productivity by helping to speed up attachment downloading and making it easy to view almost any attachment.
  • Faxes and voicemail over the Internet - With CommCenter 4.0 fax and voicemail capabilities provided by®, users can set up a "virtual office" with a phone number in any of more than 25 cities worldwide to send and receive faxes or voicemail instantly using their CommCenter mailbox.
  • Real time Internet communications - Eudora Internet Pager by ichat™ lets users page and chat in real time. Since it's a stand alone function, users can contact anyone connected with the Internet without having to disconnect from CommCenter 4.0 and place a telephone call.
  • News and information services - In today's fast paced society, having quick and easy access to the latest news and information is critical to success. CommCenter 4.0 delivers news directly to user inboxes from industry leaders such as InfoBeat™, Individual™, Inquisit™, and ClariNet™.

Eudora Pro CommCenter 4.0 software for the Windows 95/NT platforms is now available. The estimated street price is $59, and current Eudora Pro Email users are eligible for a $20 rebate on Eudora Pro CommCenter 4.0. All Eudora products are available on the Eudora website at and through major commercial retail distributors worldwide. All Eudora Pro software has extensive on-line help available, including context-sensitive help for users. And, it comes with 90-day telephone and email technical support.

About Eudora
With over 18 million users, the Eudora family of software products is the world's most popular Internet email solution, providing comprehensive client/server solutions for both Internet and intranet messaging. Available for the Windows® and Macintosh® platforms, Eudora Light® and Eudora Pro® are best-of-class Internet email client software products. Eudora Pro software has powerful features that deliver exceptional levels of productivity, ease-of-use and flexibility for users who process high volumes of Internet email. Eudora Pro CommCenter 4.0 is a complete Internet communications center, so users can email, page, send voice mail messages and chat from one desktop. Eudora Pro software also includes best-of-class tools for email's four key challenges: security, virus protection, file compression and attachment viewing. Eudora Light email software is the pioneering freeware application that provides a wide range of capabilitiesfor entry level email users. Eudora WorldMail™ Server for the WindowsNT® platform and Eudora Internet Mail Server™ for the Macintosh platform provide powerful email management capabilities and fast, reliable messaging. For more information regarding the Eudora family of products, visit the Eudora World Wide Web site at

Headquartered in San Diego, Qualcomm develops, manufactures, markets, licenses and operates advanced communications systems and products based on its proprietary digital wireless technologies. In addition to the Eudora family of software products, the Company's primary product areas are the OmniTRACS® system (a geostationary satellite-based, mobile communications system providing two-way data and position reporting services), CDMA wireless communications systems and products and, in conjunction with others, the development of the Globalstar® low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite communications system. Other Company products include ASIC products and communications equipment and systems for government and commercial customers worldwide. For more information on Qualcomm products and technologies, please visit the Company's web site at

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