Press Release

Qualcomm Statement Regarding TASS Report on Richard Bliss

Dec 3, 1997SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm has issued the following statement in response to the Russian news agency, TASS, report that Richard Bliss had admitted importing satellite equipment illegally. We believe this report is completely erroneous.

Qualcomm Statement Regarding TASS Report on Richard Bliss:
Qualcomm Incorporated has received no independent verification of any statements Mr. Bliss is alleged to have made since being detained in Rostov, Russia on November 25, 1997. Neither the U.S. State Department, nor the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, nor Mr. Bliss' Russian attorney have confirmed that Mr. Bliss has actually made the statements that are attributed to him in a TASS-originated report.

Nothing we have learned in the week since Mr. Bliss was detained has caused us to alter our view that Mr. Bliss did not knowingly violate any Russian laws in connection with his assignment on behalf of our customer, Electrosviaz of Rostov Region. To our knowledge, the Federal Security Service (FSB) will reach a decision whether or not to file charges in this matter by Friday, December 5, 1997.

We are continuing to pursue every means available to secure Mr. Bliss' immediate release. We are grateful to the many United States senators, congressmen and governors who have inquired into the case and to the many individuals who have contacted us to express their support for Mr. Bliss and his family.

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