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Qualcomm Announces QEDesign Release 2.0

Sep 10, 1997DALLAS

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced the availability of Release 2.0 of QEDesign™, the newest version of the Company's comprehensive Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network planning and deployment software solution. Release 2.0 enhances the QEDesign package with a number of industry-leading features to optimize CDMA networks faster and more efficiently.

"Our QEDesign product leverages Qualcomm's expertise in CDMA technology and network deployment to deliver the industry's most advanced planning tool," said Mark Kelley, director of Network Planning for Qualcomm. "Our latest release provides network planners with a host of exciting new features, including automated CDMA optimization and integrated support for mixed technology systems and complex, high capacity networks."

Maximizing the benefits of CDMA technology begins with the selection of the best radio network planning tool, and QEDesign offers unique advantages over other products as it is designed and written specifically for CDMA. QEDesign ensures that before a CDMA network is implemented or expanded, an accurate and complete model of the network's full capabilities can be created, analyzed, and optimized.

QEDesign Release 2.0 provides automatic CDMA optimization through the addition of several new tools. Automatic neighbor list planning, automatic pseudo-random noise (PN) offset planning, automatic pilot power determination, and pilot signal pollution analysis all contribute to the ease and speed of CDMA network optimization. The network can be configured according to these parameters, improving the accuracy of the network planand reducing the chance of user error. Drive test data integration is made faster and more reliable than ever before with the addition of automatic measurement integration, which creates custom, optimized RF propagation models, and the advanced log data analysis and viewing feature, which displays data from any QCTest™ product.

The latest version of QEDesign provides operators with new tools that accurately model complex CDMA systems, including multi-carrier networks and systems with multiple subscriber services. For example, an operator serving both fixed and mobile users on the same network, or offering a variety wireless local loop subscriber units, can model the entire network with a single software solution. Analysis of the network is improved in a number of ways, including dramatically faster performance with reduced memory requirements, analysis of hard, soft, and five-way handoff, and modeling of the QCPlus™ Pilot Beacon for CDMA-to-AMPS and CDMA-to-CDMA handoffs.

QEDesign's simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface is further enhanced with an integrated object-oriented database for improved information management, reliability and performance. QEDesign supports the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) & Structured Query Language (SQL) database access standards and will release a Windows® NT platform version in 1998. The patented parameterized spider cursor provides instant, interactive display of path loss, forward traffic channel gain, handoff, mobile effective radiated power (MERP), received power, and pilot Ec/I0. The standard QEDesign datasets can be combined to create custom datasets with the new dataset constructor feature.

The optional QEDesign AMPS module makes it easy to plan the transition from AMPS to CDMA. The module allows network planners to design AMPS networks and to ensure that the performance of their CDMA is maximized, with features that analyze interference between the two systems and enable AMPS frequency clearing. QEDesign helps planners obtain an accurate picture of demand by allowing AMPS Erlang load data to be used in the CDMA network plan. Standard AMPS network planning features are included in QEDesign,and AMPS frequency plans can be easily loaded into the software. When a CDMA network needs to coexist with a GSM network, QEDesign's GSM analysis feature models GSM-specific features and provides demand and interference analysis for GSM.

With Release 2.0, QEDesign again expands its CDMA functionality to model all real-world CDMA scenarios accurately and completely and to integrate other technologies like AMPS and GSM more extensively than other network planning products. Support for mixed systems or migration to CDMA is simple and efficient, and the latest release provides further integration with deployment and field engineering tools and systems. The end-to-end solution provided with QEDesign and its associated components and services is second to none in the field of wireless planning and deployment software.

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