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Qualcomm Announces IS-634 Interface to Alcatel Switch for Added Flexibility in CDMA Network Deployments

Sep 10, 1997DALLAS

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced an agreement with Alcatel to develop and supply versatile cdmaOne™ (IS-95 Code Division Multiple Access) solutions for cellular and Personal Communications Services (PCS) operators. This agreement underscores Qualcomm's commitment to supporting open interface standards and providing operators with the additional flexibility of choosing the network elements that best suit their needs.

The agreement provides for the joint development of an IS-634 interface between Qualcomm's QCore™ 22 Base Station Controller (BSC) and the Alcatel 1000 S12 Mobile Switching Center. Under the terms of the agreement, Qualcomm and Alcatel will implement the IS-634 interface to integrate Alcatel's switch into Qualcomm's CDMA wireless network systems, offering service providers additional flexibility in designing and deploying their CDMA networks.

Qualcomm's complete network solutions for PCS, cellular, fixed wireless, and hybrid systems, which currently employ Qualcomm's QCell™ base station products and the QCore 22X IBSC with integrated switching, will be expanded to include a new system architecture utilizing the IS-634 interface to other switching platforms. As a result, operators deploying cellular, PCS or fixed wireless systems can choose between Qualcomm's existing switching architecture—the highly efficient, computer-based QCore 22X Integrated BSC—and Alcatel's high-performance 1000 S12, depending on their specific network and market requirements.

"The joint development efforts of Alcatel and Qualcomm, both leaders in the wireless telecommunications industry, will combine Qualcomm's expertise in developing and deploying CDMA systems with Alcatel's proven mobile switching product portfolio, resulting in a powerful solution for operators," commented John Major, president of Qualcomm's Wireless Infrastructure Division. "Connecting to other manufacturers' switching platforms via the IS-634 interface enables Qualcomm to focus on providing its customers with versatile solutions to meet the needs of an ever-changing market and customer base."

"This agreement represents the achievement of another milestone on Alcatel's roadmap for both its wireless products and business strategy," said David Owen, vice president and general manager, Mobile Switching, Alcatel Network Systems, Inc. "It also represents a tangible response to those operators who have been asking us as suppliers to give them the type of flexibility in their network deployments that IS-634 allows. This flexibility will prove to be of immense value to network operators."

The agreement specifies that the companies will work together on development of IS-634 interface between Qualcomm's QCore 22 BSC and the Alcatel 1000 S12. IS-634 is a Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standard for the A-Interface between wireless BSCs and switches. Integrated Qualcomm CDMA systems utilizing the IS-634 interface and Alcatel's switch will be available to customers in early 1998.

"Both Qualcomm and Alcatel recognize the strategic advantages of utilizing open interface standards, such as IS-634, which give our customers the ability to tailor products to their needs," said Nick Abel, vice president of Wireless Infrastructure Products for Qualcomm. "Our existing QCore 22X IBSC product offers excellent switching capabilities to customers, and we will continue to develop, supply and deploy products in our QCore IBSC family. Qualcomm puts great emphasis on meeting the requirements of its customers, and this agreement with Alcatel creates another unique solution that we can offer to operators."

Qualcomm will be able to supply Alcatel's switch utilizing the IS-634 interface in Qualcomm CDMA systems as a result of the non-exclusive agreement. Alcatel will provide installation and maintenance services, as well as marketing support, for the Alcatel 1000 S12.