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Qualcomm Announces Donation of CDMA Handsets to LifeCenter Northwest ForCritical Communications During Organ Donations

Jul 23, 1997SAN DIEGO

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Citing the need for reliable and clear communications, Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced the donation of 25 of its QCP-800™ Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 800 Mhz dual-mode handsets to LifeCenter Northwest, a non-profit organ procurement agency serving Washington, northern Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

Qualcomm's donation comes in response to reports that LifeCenter's existing wireless system—utilizing TDMA service—delivered inadequate voice and signal quality.

"We are pleased to make this donation to provide LifeCenter with the kind of secure, reliable and clear communications they need at times where seconds count in saving lives. Qualcomm's CDMA digital phones deliver the crystal clear voice quality, enhanced privacy, fewer dropped calls and longer battery life these dedicated health care professionals need when communication is critical," said Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, president of Qualcomm's Subscriber Products Division.

"Our medical personnel use cellular phones for placing organs and for them, each call could be a life-or-death situation and must go through clearly. Our previous service did not produce clear signals and generated quite a bit of static. In our profession, we can't take chances so we are excited about using Qualcomm's CDMA digital handsets with AirTouch's service in fulfilling our mission to save lives," said Ed Huppman, executive director for LifeCenter Northwest.

In addition to the donation of QCP-800 handsets, AirTouch Cellular is providing LifeCenter Northwest with air time on its Powerband digital service.

The QCP-800 features one of the largest liquid crystal displays (LCD) available, including a four-line by 12 character display area plus a line of icons indicating signal strength, battery status, transmission mode, roaming status and other functions. The large display is ideal for enhanced calling features that the phones support such as incoming caller ID, short messaging service and voice mail alert. The hallmarks of every Qualcomm CDMA digital phone include crystal clear voice quality, enhanced privacy, fewer dropped calls, and long talk and stand-by times.

LifeCenter Northwest is a non-profit, community-based organ procurement agency responsible for promoting the availability of human organs and their efficient recovery, allocation, transportation and transplantation throughout a four-state region.

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