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Qualcomm Announces National Advertising Campaign in Support of CDMASubscriber Products

Jun 17, 1997SAN DIEGO

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Seeking to establish greater brand identity as a world-class manufacturer of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)subscriber products, Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced the launch of a multi-million dollar national advertising campaign promoting its broad line of subscriber products based on its CDMA digital technology, with an emphasis on its revolutionary "Q" phone, the world's smallest CDMA phone.

"Qualcomm developed CDMA technology, we were the first to broadly commercialize our phones, and we make the best CDMA phones," said Jeffrey K. Belk, vice president of marketing of Qualcomm's Subscriber Products Division. "We intend to leverage broad-based branding activities with an innovative product stream to help create an exceptional offering for CDMA carriers and their customers."

The initial campaign will cover both print and television, including national business dailies, consumer and business weeklies, and targeted cable programming. The ads' product focus is the company's revolutionary "Q" phone, the smallest CDMA phone, weighing in at approximately 5 ounces. The clamshell designed "Q" phone will be commercially available to support CDMA PCS services in the third quarter of 1997, with additional models to support CDMA digital cellular in the fourth quarter of 1997.

The dramatic television spot, a first for a Qualcomm branded product, emphasizes the small size of the phone, as well as the broad Internet access capabilities of the "Q" phone. As CDMA wireless carriers roll out enhanced services such as short messaging, email capability, and Internet-based information such as stock quotes or news reports, the "Q" phone provides a uniquely designed, stylish and more importantly, upgradable solution for their discerning wireless user.

"This TV ad's emphasis on data-related services is part of Qualcomm's approach for each of our phones to ultimately be a 'smart' phone. Our palmsized 'Q' phone is designed to have capabilities which can grow with our customers," Belk said. "These characteristics, combined with the unsurpassed voice quality provided by Qualcomm's PureVoice™ voice coding technology, will provide for an exceptional wireless communications experience."

Each of the series of print ads combine a striking visual combined with a unique benefit of CDMA digital technology inherent in all of Qualcomm's phones. These benefits include crystal clear phone quality, reduced background noise, as well as elimination of eavesdropping and cloning. The Qualcomm designed and manufactured "Q" phone is the product emphasis of these ads and includes the unique stylized "Q" logo.

Qualcomm's continued branding activities comes on the heels of the company's recent purchase of 20-year naming rights to San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium, home of the San Diego Padres and San Diego Chargers, for $18 million. The stadium, formally renamed Qualcomm Stadium on May 20, 1997, will be the site of Superbowl XXXII in January, 1998.

Qualcomm, the developer of CDMA digital wireless technology has seen broad commercial deployment of CDMA in 1997 across the United States. Commercial CDMA service is available in major markets such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and dozens of other cities nationwide. Qualcomm, and its subsidiary Qualcomm Personal Electronics (QPE), is the largest supplier of CDMA handsets to service providers across the country and around the world.

Headquartered in San Diego, Qualcomm develops, manufactures, markets, licenses and operates advanced communications systems and products based on its proprietary digital wireless technologies. The Company's primary product areas are the OmniTRACS® system (a geostationary satellite-based, mobile communications system providing two-way data and position reporting services), CDMA wireless communications systems and products and, in conjunction with others, the development of the Globalstar low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite communications system. Other Company products include the Eudora Pro™ electronic mail software, ASIC products,and communications equipment and systems for government and commercial customers worldwide. For more information on Qualcomm products and technologies, please visit the Company's web site at

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