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Qualcomm Announces Worldwide Availability of Eudora WorldMail™ Server: Receives "Messaging Product Excellence Award" at EMA '97

Apr 28, 1997SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM), a leader in wireless communications and advanced electronic messaging solutions for the Internet, today announced worldwide availability of its first Internet email server product: Eudora WorldMail™ server. Eudora WorldMail server is an advanced, scalable solution perfect for small to medium business and departmental workgroups in larger enterprises migrating from outdated proprietary mail systems to Internet standards-based messaging. With 18 million users, the Eudora® division's family of software products is the world's most widely-used Internet email solution. At the Electronic Messaging Association '97 Conference, the industry's premier annual gathering, Eudora WorldMail server was honored with the "Messaging Product Excellence Award" in the email category.

"As the Internet email leader, we have defined a strategy to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, robust solution for their electronic messaging needs," said Craig Brenner, director of Worldwide Marketing for Qualcomm's Eudora division. "When coupled with our market-leading client software, Eudora Pro, Eudora WorldMail server software gives our customers a compelling communications solution with lower cost of ownership than proprietary systems, easier network administration, greater ease-of-use and the advantage of open, Internet standards-based messaging."

Eudora WorldMail server software meets the ease-of-installation and administration needs of small to medium-sized businesses and is powerful and scalable enough for departmental workgroups in larger enterprises. The innovative server software provides fast, reliable messaging services for the Windows NT™ platform. Key features include:

  • Standards-based Internet messaging services seamlessly support both Internet Messaging Access Protocol (IMAP4) and Post Office Protocol (POP3) clients for transparent migration and coexistence.
  • Centralized user information in an electronic directory stores user names, email addresses and other relevant information using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Ph, the popular Internet "White Pages" Protocols.
  • Automatic registration of users into a centralized directory using Internet Directory Import Service saves time for administrators and provides reliable transfer of SMTP address information to a central Internet directory.
  • Ability to use JAVA applets and standard Web browser for simple administrative tasks and access to directory information gives users flexibility to manage their accounts, view account status, change passwords and create auto-reply and vacation messages without administrator intervention as well as access an LDAP server.
  • Automated mailing lists using List Management Agent allow users to subscribe or delete themselves from mailing lists through simple email messages to the mail system and provides a range of automation and security options for mailing list operations.
  • Secure Internet mail services provided with built-in security features authentication facility, multi-level access control and Windows NT security services.
  • Minimal administrator maintenance and management needed with easy to use central and remote management facilities.
  • Easy and seamless migration from other platforms to Eudora WorldMail server software and Eudora Pro client software with Eudora Migration Utilities. A suite of migration utilities is planned to simplify migration from various platforms, the first of which allows administrators to easily migrate cc:Mail™ users to Eudora Pro.
  • Reduced connectivity costs with dial-on demand capabilities so the server only uses valuable bandwidth and costly dial-up lines when needed.

Eudora WorldMail server software is bundled together with Eudora Pro™ client software to provide the highest level of client/server integration and support. Bundling options include an equivalent number of mailboxes and Eudora Pro client licenses and are priced as follows:

  • 10-user bundle: $825
  • 25-user bundle: $1,500
  • 50-user bundle: $2,700
  • 100-user bundle: $4,900
  • 250-user bundle: $12,000
  • 500-user bundle: $21,100

Eudora WorldMail server software is also available as a standalone product for 10 to 500 mailboxes:

  • 10 mailboxes: $179
  • 25 mailboxes: $299
  • 50 mailboxes: $399
  • 100 mailboxes: $599
  • 250 mailboxes: $999
  • 500 mailboxes: $1875

To meet the needs of growing businesses, Eudora WorldMail server Add-on Packs will be available in both client/server bundles and standalone server packs. They are priced as follows:

Client/Server Bundle Add-on

  • 10-user bundle add-on: $750
  • 25-user bundle add-on: $1,425
  • 50-user bundle add-on: $2,600
  • 100-user bundle add-on: $4,775
  • 250 user bundle add-on: $11,025

Server Add-on

  • 10 mailbox add-on: $100
  • 25 mailbox add-on: $225
  • 50 mailbox add-on: $350
  • 100 mailbox add-on: $500
  • 250 mailbox add-on: $900

Site licenses for installations of 1,000 or more mailboxes are available for Eudora WorldMail server.

The launch of the Eudora WorldMail server is complemented with an aggressive Eudora Preferred Partner program for Value Added Resellers (VARs). The program provides sales leads and marketing tools to small integrators, consultants, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), vertical Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs) and corporate resellers that are knowledgeable in Internet standards-based solutions. More than 70 VARs in the U.S. and Canada have already applied.

With over 18 million users, the Eudora family of software products is the world's most widely-used Internet email solution, providing comprehensive client/server solutions for Internet/intranet messaging. Available for the Windows®, Macintosh® and Newton® platforms, Eudora Light™ software and Eudora Pro are best-of-class Internet email client software products. Eudora Pro 3.x has powerful features that deliver exceptional levels of productivity, ease-of-use and flexibility for users who process high volumes of Internet email, while Eudora Light 3.0.1 software sets new standards for Internet email freeware with a wide range of enhanced capabilities. Eudora WorldMail server is powerful server software that provides fast, reliable messaging services for the Windows NT platform.

OEM and bundling agreements include industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, NETCOM and 3Com. Eudora Pro software has been licensed to a wide range of corporations including MCI, Cisco, GTE, Lockheed Martin and Schlumberger. Many of the world's leading universities, including MIT, Stanford, The University of California, Brown and Cornell, also use Eudora Internet email software.

For more information regarding the Eudora family of products, visit the division's World Wide Web site at

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