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Qualcomm Files Lawsuit Against Motorola

Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced it had filed a lawsuit yesterday against Motorola Inc. in federal court in San Diego for a declaratory judgment that Qualcomm's products do not infringe any patents held by Motorola. Qualcomm's complaint states that Motorola has asserted that certain Qualcomm products infringe patents held by Motorola, and Qualcomm's lawsuit seeks a judicial declaration that its products do not infringe.

The complaint also charges that Qualcomm and Motorola entered into patent and technology license agreements in 1990 which preclude Motorola from asserting infringement of the patents. Qualcomm's complaint also alleges that Motorola has claimed that Qualcomm's recently announced "Q" Phone infringes a design patent of Motorola's as well as trade dress and common law rights relating to the appearance of certain Motorola wireless telephone products. Qualcomm's complaint denies that the "Q" Phone infringes any rights of Motorola and requests a judicial finding that Qualcomm's products are free of any infringement.

"Qualcomm was careful to respect the intellectual property rights of others, and in the course of designing any new product we seek to ensure that our design does not infringe the rights of any other companies," said Harvey White, president Qualcomm. "In our development of the "Q" Phone we followed our usual practice of verifying and checking existing patents. Our lawsuit seeks judicial confirmation that our judgment was correct."

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