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Qualcomm's New System Controller Products Serve Diverse Wireless Markets


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Qualcomm, Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced the introduction of its new line of compact Intelligent Base Station Controller (IBSC) products designed for operators offering wireless service to less populated or emerging markets. These products are smaller, more cost effective, and offer distributed switching and control capabilities.

"In both domestic and international markets, we've recognized the need for low-cost solutions that allow operators to reduce initial capital investments and pay for system expansions with operating revenues," said Tom Bernard, president of Qualcomm's Wireless Infrastructure Products Division. "This new line of products offers the same features as our current IBSC products, but with lower capacity options that allow carriers to start with a smaller capacity and expand as subscriber demand increases."

All of Qualcomm's IBSC products offer a unique, flexible design which incorporates switching capabilities with the controller functions. The new line of IBSCs serve a wide range of needs, in particular PCS and wireless local loop markets that need to deploy a lower capacity IBSC now, but require a scalable product that can expand as the system's subscriber base grows.

The newly-expanded line of versatile IBSC products is applicable to a variety of markets, including remote service areas where connection to a local PSTN is required. Distributed switching and base station control allows operators flexibility in network design and a range of cost-effective wireless solutions.

"With a variety of capacity ranges, this new IBSC line of products was designed with the customer in mind," said Chris Simpson, senior vice president of Qualcomm's Wireless Infrastructure Products Division. "We are committed to delivering flexible products that are designed to accommodate diverse operator requirements in any market. Our scalable IBSC's are ideal for carriers providing service in rural and growing regions, and for carriers offering service in isolated geographical areas." Qualcomm's line of IBSC products spans from low to high capacity models serving systems with as few as 500 subscribers to as many as 175,000 subscribers. All of the IBSC platforms support the same feature base, allowing the operator to deploy any combination of the products without concern for feature transparency across their network. Qualcomm's infrastructure products are designed to allow operators maximum network design flexibility while reducing deployment time and cost, and promoting profitability through advanced subscriber features and services.

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