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Qualcomm Announces New QCTest ONIST™ for Testing CDMA System Voice Quality


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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM) today announced the immediate availability of the QCTest Objective Non-Invasive System Tester (ONIST™) CDMA voice quality analyzer which performs objective and comprehensive analyses of CDMA cellular or PCS voice quality in deployed systems.

"Accurate, real-time measurement of voice quality is one of the most critical factors in the optimization of high-performance CDMA systems, both during and after installation," said Tom Bernard, president of Qualcomm's Wireless Infrastructure Products division. "We responded to the industry's need for rapid, reliable testing of these systems by offering ONIST, which provides real-time, network performance for any CDMA base station compliant with IS-95 or J-STD-008."

Qualcomm developed QCTest ONIST to objectively analyze voice quality of operational CDMA systems. ONIST generates comprehensive engineering-level results which are highly correlated to customers' voice quality perceptions. It is also able to evaluate voice quality on systems providing both 8 kbps and 13 kbps service, while measuring a wide variety of performance metrics.

"In any CDMA network, objectively measuring voice quality has always been a challenge in the field," said Robert Sanchez, director of Qualcomm's CDMA Ancillary Products Division. "Qualcomm has solved this problem with the creation of ONIST, which provides any CDMA engineer or network operator with the tools needed to objectively determine the voice quality of his or her operational network on a day-to-day or even hour-to-hour basis."

QCTest ONIST is one of many products in the QCTest line of ancillary products offered by Qualcomm for the evaluation of CDMA systems. In addition to ONIST, Qualcomm has an extensive line of products specifically designed and developed for CDMA IS-95 or J-STD-008 over-the-air testing and analysis. The QCTest products now available include the Mobile Diagnostic Monitor (MDM), Data Analysis System (DAS), Call Traffic Generator (CTG), Base Station Load Tester (BLT), CDMA QCTest Vehicles, and software tools such as MPAR (message parsing software), Analyze (neighbor list management and channel statistics software), and FDAS (software only version of the DAS for the field).

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