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Sprint PCS Introduces the "Pioneer Program" for San Diego Consumers

Dec 27, 1996SAN DIEGO

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Sprint PCS or personal communication services, is introducing the concept of value to wireless communications with the launch of Sprint PCS service in San Diego. In celebration of the San Diego market launch, Sprint PCS has designed the "Pioneer Program" for San Diego consumers who sign up for Sprint PCS service by February 14, 1997.

The "Pioneer Program" was created exclusively for San Diegans, providing a range of value-added benefits including a $50 prepaid Sprint calling card that can be used for both local and long distance wireline calling, emergency phone exchange, personalized handset programming and one handset upgrade after using 5,000 minutes of Sprint PCS service. Additionally, "Pioneer Program" members will be able to participate in special Executives' Forums.

The Executives' Forum, will provide a personal opportunity for all Sprint PCS "Pioneer Program" members to discuss service and future feature enhancements. As an added value, Sprint PCS is garnering relationships with local dining and retail establishments within the San Diego area to create special discounts.

"We want to show our appreciation to the San Diego community which recognizes the value and quality of this new technology and service," said Bruce Crair, vice president and general manager for "Sprint PCS (Southern California/Nevada). "We're not just committed to providing San Diego with a better product, we're committed to providing quality service and greater value for a better wireless connection."

Sprint PCS is a partnership of Sprint Corporation, Cox Communications, Inc., Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI), and Comcast Corporation. The partnership and its affiliates have licenses to provide PCS service in 33 Major Trading Areas with an aggregate population of 190 million making it potentially one of the largest wireless communications providers in the United States.

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