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Qualcomm to Use GNP Computers WorkServer as Controller for CDMA Infrastructure Product

Jun 25, 1996MONROVIA, Calif.

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a leader in wireless communications and the developer of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, and GNP Computers, a leading manufacturer of telecommunications servers, today announced that GNP Computers' WorkServer platform has been selected as the compute engine for Qualcomm's CDMA Intelligent Base Station Controller, a wireless infrastructure product. Under the terms of the contract, the customized WorkServer will be used as the server platform for three subsystems of the Intelligent Base Station Controller: the Base Station Manager (BSM), Home Location Register (HLR) and Call Detail Access (CDA).

"Qualcomm's CDMA is the leading technology for PCS markets worldwide. GNP will provide the technology to help manage CDMA networks, and we're pleased to be working closely with Qualcomm," said Ken Kalb, GNP vice president of sales and marketing. "Qualcomm developed the software on Sun workstations and deployed it on our customized SPARC-based WorkServer. We are delighted to participate in this exciting marketplace as CDMA becomes the wireless standard."

"We selected GNP to provide these critical server components because of GNP's ability to deliver a turnkey solution for our Intelligent Base Station Controller," said Ronald Foerster, vice president of Wireless Infrastructure Products for Qualcomm. "GNP used its rapid product realization and OEM manufacturing capabilities to quickly customize the basic WorkServer's configuration. They were able to meet our specifications and deliver the compute power we need for our wireless infrastructure products."

CDMA is technology, developed by Qualcomm for digital wireless communications, which maximizes the volume of calls that can be carried over a single 1.25MHz channel. Widely adopted by major cellular and PCS carriers in the United States and internationally, CDMA networks provide reliable digital technology with high capacity, large coverage area and improved voice quality. Qualcomm's Intelligent Base Station Controller controls and manages CDMA network operations, including communications to and from the Base station Transceiver Subsystems and other BSCs. The system provides a flexible, switch-independent design for connections to the public wireline network.

The Base Station Manager, Call Detail Access, and Home Location Register which GNP supplies are critical subsystems of the Intelligent Base Station Controller. The BSM handles the configuration, security, performance and fault management, as well as other OA & M functions. CDA collects Call Detail Records and forwards data to a billing application. HLR is a database containing information about subscribers in the system, including registration, validation, authorization and feature assignment.

The WorkServer platform with its integrated, modular design, continuous availability, standard SPARC engine, RAID disk, ethernet, SCSI and asynchronous I/O combined with GNP's proprietary maintenance bus hardware and software enabled GNP engineers to develop a customized compute engine to serve Qualcomm's base station needs. GNP's Rapid Product Realization(RPR) process and OEM manufacturing brought the product from design to deployment in a very short time.

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