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Remote Communications Capabilities For Heavy-Duty Caterpillar Truck Engines

May 15, 1996SAN DIEGO

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Standard data link provides access to Qualcomm's Vehicle Data Gateway Sophisticated information systems, like Qualcomm's OmniTRACS® mobile communications system, which assist fleets in monitoring operating data before, during, and after delivery of a shipment are fast becoming standard operating equipment for fleets of all sizes. Caterpillar is the first engine manufacturer to take advantage of Qualcomm's latest technology that facilitates communication paths between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), third party applications, and vehicle devices that send or receive data on the vehicle's databus (J1708) and fleet dispatch computers. Electronically-managed, heavy-duty Caterpillar truck engines are equipped with the industry standard data link (J1708) which allows connectivity with the Qualcomm JTRACS Pro Vehicle Data Gateway.

"This break-through technology can help our joint customers prevent losses in revenue and other out-of-service costs," commented G.L. (Gerry) Shaheen, Caterpillar Vice President and Co-director of Engine Division. "We are extremely pleased to be working with a leader in the field of mobile communications."

The integrated system will provide the ability to consistently monitor engine information based upon various parameters, including distance traveled, fuel consumed and engine hour intervals. Fleet managers or dispatchers can be alerted to specific fault codes thus minimizing on-road breakdowns and delays." The Vehicle Data Gateway was designed with an open architecture to facilitate integration and operation with engine or vehicle system connection to the databus," stated Jon Shapiro, Product Manager for the JTRACS Pro Vehicle Data Gateway at Qualcomm.

Qualcomm's JTRACS Pro Vehicle Data Gateway product also includes "real time" data extracted from the truck over the air to help fleet operations become more efficient and cost effective. System malfunctions can be detected and analyzed so a course of action can be established by the operations or maintenance staff rather than by the driver. It is possible to correct some engine problems and "program" certain engine parameters over-the-air. Caterpillar information can be transferred to fleet operations or maintenance personnel or to the nearest Caterpillar dealer.

Qualcomm's family of OmniTRACS products include the OmniTRACS mobile communications and position reporting system; value-added application software designed to enhance resource utilization, operations management and data flow integration; and information management systems. Qualcomm has sold more than 155,000 OmniTRACS units worldwide, with systems operating in the United States, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Malaysia.

The Caterpillar Engine Division—an operating unit of Caterpillar Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of earthmoving and construction equipment—is a global leader in the manufacturing of diesel and natural gas engines.


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