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Qualcomm Broadens OmniTRACS Partnership with J.B. Hunt

Mar 18, 1996SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM: NASDAQ) today announced that it has signed a five-year, multi-million dollar contract renewal with industry giant J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. to equip an additional 1,500 trucks with the OmniTRACS® System. Terms of the agreement include the installation of Qualcomm's SensorTRACS™ driver performance module, JTRACS™ vehicle diagnostics software and the integration of QTRACS™, Qualcomm's base communications software, into Hunt's IS (Information Systems) operations. Installation is scheduled to begin immediately.

Since the initial contract, Hunt has purchased 6,000 OmniTRACS units to provide communications and tracking. This new agreement marks a major expansion of this relationship, with Hunt employing additional OmniTRACS capabilities. Hunt has also ordered Qualcomm's new Enhanced Display Unit(EDU) and will test Qualcomm's On-Board Computer (OBC) when it becomes available.

"This agreement marks a new phase in our relationship with Qualcomm," said George Brooks, vice president of R&D for J.B. Hunt. "Previously, we relied on the OmniTRACS system for communications and tracking only; now we're adding Qualcomm applications and integration capabilities. The level of OmniTRACS hardware and software integration, as well as its proven product reliability, were key factors in our decision."

"This agreement further advances the strategic partnership that has existed between J.B. Hunt and Qualcomm," stated Bob Helms, director of business development for the OmniTRACS division at Qualcomm. "We look forward to working more closely and think both companies will benefit from this new relationship."

Qualcomm's family of OmniTRACS® products include the OmniTRACS mobile communications and position reporting system; value-added applications to enhance business systems; and the OmniLogistech® information systems. Qualcomm has sold more than 145,000 OmniTRACS units worldwide, with systems operating in the United States, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Malaysia.

Headquartered in San Diego, Qualcomm develops, manufactures, markets, licenses and operates advanced communications systems and products based on its proprietary digital wireless technologies. The Company's primary product areas include the OmniTRACS family of products, CDMA wireless communications systems and products and, in conjunction with others, the development of the Globalstar™ low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite communications system. Other company products include the Eudora Pro™ electronic mail software, VLSI components, and communications equipment and systems for government and commercial customers worldwide.

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