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Resident Evil 4 out now on Quest 2 – powered by innovations from Snapdragon XR2 5G Platform

Jan 12, 2022

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The spellbinding, legendary survival-horror game Resident Evil 4 is back—with Snapdragon technology making it more terrifying, entertaining, and immersive than ever, all in virtual reality (VR). It’s now available to download and play exclusively on the Quest 2 VR headset, powered by the Snapdragon XR2 5G Platform.

After only a few weeks since its release, this game is already causing a stir in the gaming and XR industries. Old and new fans alike have been awe-struck, noting the meticulous detail that went into making this revitalized classic more intuitive, lifelike, and empowering. The consensus sentiment of reviewers points to Resident Evil 4 VR as the definitive version of this seminal title and being a killer app for gaming on Quest 2.

The Snapdragon XR2 5G Platform unites bleeding-edge technologies that bring VR experiences to life, including dazzling graphics, AI, and connectivity with precise motion tracking for immersive gameplay. Players get the chance to explore the world of Resident Evil 4 like never before, complete with 360-degree views and rich, full-dimensional audio.

Qualcomm Technologies worked closely with Meta to make gaming better than ever on Quest 2. The Snapdragon XR2 5G Platform supports Vulkan—the most modern Application Programing Interface designed for superior graphics performance. Plus, the Snapdragon XR2 5G Platform provides an optimized Vulkan driver used in Snapdragon Elite Gaming for VR applications with faster performance. The game’s developer, Armature Studio, incorporated advanced VR features such as foveated rendering, a technique for focusing the rendering workload on the most important areas to increase visual fidelity.

Qualcomm Technologies has also provided the Profiler Interface Library, a kit that laid the groundwork for Meta to create their own tools that interface with Vulkan (such as RenderDoc) for faster, more seamless development—giving VR app developers the freedom to make gameplay as impressive and immersive as possible.

Now, you can be a first-person participant in the action, able to interact—and react—intuitively. Grasp items in your own two hands, check out health stats on your wristwatch, or battle monsters and miscreants with realistic movements.

There’s no denying it: VR has made playing this game a stunning, can’t-miss experience—for die-hard and new fans alike. Resident Evil 4 may be over 15 years old, but Snapdragon innovations breathe new life into one of the greatest games ever released.

Resident Evil 4 VR is available now, so go battle it out in mesmerizing, full-sensory action. Get lost in the gore, the tension, and the precision of Resident Evil 4 VR. This fan-favorite storyline is coming to life in astounding realism—made possible through Snapdragon innovation.


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