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Qualcomm reveals Smart Cities achievements ahead of MWC LA 2021

Oct 25, 2021

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Cities and industries are adopting technologies at an accelerated pace, and the pandemic has highlighted the need for digital transformation to deliver operational efficiencies, sustainability, digital equity, and modern services and infrastructures across communities. Last month at the 3rd Annual Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate event, Qualcomm Technologies unveiled its enhanced IoTaaS (IoT as a service) model and demonstrated how IoTaaS is enabling the widespread adoption of smart solutions across industries. These advanced IoT technologies are bridging the digital divide and empowering enterprises, cities and municipalities to utilize an innovative business model – the Qualcomm IoT Services Suite – to monetize, deploy and adopt smart solutions across global industries and communities.

A differentiated strategy and leading ecosystem

Qualcomm Technologies has brought together the best of the breed through the creation of the  Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, a leading ecosystem of 400+ program members supporting the rollout of end-to-end smart solutions.

In addition, Qualcomm Technologies has removed the complexity out of deploying smart solutions through a unique business model of delivering IoT as a Service with the Qualcomm IoT Services Suite, orchestrating a streamlined process for businesses and entities to adopt end-to-end smart solutions. The Qualcomm IoT Services Suite was created to address the fragmentation and technology complexities experienced across the IoT industry – making it easier, quicker, and more cost-effective to manage and deploy smart solutions.

Ahead of the industry converging at MWC LA 2021, Qualcomm Technologies is revealing its latest IoTaaS implementations and showcasing how the unique Qualcomm IoT Services Suite model and leading global ecosystem of 400+ Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator program members are digitally transforming global industries. These projects exemplify how Qualcomm Technologies and its IoT ecosystem are critical to enabling the digital transformation of industries with a differentiated approach that leverages the growing number of smart devices that make up the connected intelligent edge.

Broadband infrastructure implementation in Dallas, Texas

The first IoTaaS implementation includes CircleGx, Zyter, and Qualcomm Technologies collaborating to drive digital equity with broadband infrastructure in Dallas County communities in an effort to drive accessibility for use across education, healthcare, emergency services, businesses, and more. The implementation will include a fixed wireless broadband network and smart lighting, with both outdoor and indoor CPEs (Consumer Premises Equipment). The smart lights come equipped with Qualcomm Technologies’ LTE infrastructure components designed to transform each light into a mobile hotspot, so that Dallas citizens may have a strong data connection virtually everywhere they go in the community. The facilitation of the next-generation network will support local Dallas County consumers and businesses, by helping to make affordable and accessible broadband services available.

State-of-the-art smart warehouse powered by Qualcomm Technologies IoT solutions

The second IoTaaS deployment involves OneScreen and Zyter collaborating to implement a state-of-the-art, next-generation smart warehouse located in San Diego, California, powered by Qualcomm Technologies’ IoT solutions. The smart warehouse will include an LTE-private network, implementation of a digital twin, robust warehouse management system, AMRs (autonomous mobile robots), AR/VR technologies, IoT sensors, and more. The smart warehouse can provide multiple benefits such as increased warehouse operational efficiencies, automated inventory control, enhanced safety and security within the facility, and saved time and money for OneScreen employees and customers.

IoT begins with Qualcomm Technologies

Through its IoT solutions, Qualcomm Technologies solves complex problems and delivers smart solutions and is committed to driving the global digital transformation of industries with ecosystem members. The latest IoTaaS implementations illustrate the strong traction and opportunity of the IoTaaS strategy and underscores validation and support from the industry, with more milestones and wins to come.


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Ashok Tipirneni

Head of Product Management & Platforms, Smart Cities & Smart Connected Spaces, Qualcomm Technologies

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