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7 reasons why Snapdragon is the choice for the most premium Android phones

You deserve the best mobile experiences. Accept nothing less than Snapdragon.

Oct 18, 2021

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Since its inception, Snapdragon in the wireless world has stood for premium mobile experiences and has enabled more than 2,000 smartphones used around the world with our Snapdragon 8 Series designs. Today, all top 10 manufacturers of 5G Android phones have selected Snapdragon mobile platforms to power their premium devices.

In our relentless quest to deliver the best mobile experiences possible, we launched the Snapdragon 888 in 2020 and the Snapdragon 888+ earlier this year. They did not disappoint and set the benchmark for flagship Android phones in 2021.

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Here are seven reasons why leading Android phone makers chose Snapdragon:

Reason #1: Fastest and truly global 5G

Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 888+ support the fastest possible cellular speeds for commercially available 5G devices today – up to 7.5 Gbps.

According to Ookla:

The secret to Snapdragon 5G speeds is our 3rd generation Snapdragon X60 5G Modem-RF System, an unmatched modem-to-antenna solution with the most comprehensive support for 5G bands. Key features of the Snapdragon X60 include our:

Reason #2: Leading-edge artificial intelligence

Qualcomm Technologies is a clear leader in mobile AI and camera technology — we are already in our 6th generation of the Qualcomm AI Engine.

Using our latest Qualcomm AI Engine and Qualcomm Hexagon Processor, we are taking AI-based photography and videography to the next level with AI-powered night shots, smart cropping, segmentation, object tracking, face detection, optimized social media filters, and more. We’re also working with industry-leading ISVs such as Acrsoft and Morpho to accelerate their models to provide the best user experience possible.

Qualcomm Technologies has been at the forefront of on-device machine learning since the first generation of our Qualcomm AI Engine. Meaning, all the AI processing is done solely on the device which makes the features run faster and extra secure. We started supporting smart voice assistants since 2015 with our Snapdragon 820 platform, featuring our first Hexagon Vector eXtensions and have been working closely with smart voice assistant companies implementing language-based neural networks for on-device speech recognition. In 2019 we introduced full on-device real-time translation on the Snapdragon 855 platform using the AI performance on the Hexagon processor, presenting a live demonstration at our annual Snapdragon Tech Summit event. We’re now on our 2nd generation Qualcomm Sensing Hub with a dedicated always-on, low-power AI processor. The extra on-device AI processing power of the Qualcomm Sensing Hub allows us to offload up to 80 percent of the workload that usually goes to the Hexagon processor. This allows for use cases such as AI noise suppression at even the loudest environments.

Our Qualcomm AI Engine spans across image and natural language processing, but it covers so many other areas including health, gaming, security, and fitness. Furthermore, our Qualcomm AI Engine has the chops when it comes to AI performance leadership. Snapdragon grabbed top marks in widely used AI benchmarks like MLCommons and AI Benchmark.

Reason #3: Superior camera

It would be easy to just say Snapdragon offers leading camera technology. But we have the proof from independent reviewers.

Leading tech analyst firm, Linley, recently did a deep dive into smartphone camera technology. Their words said it all, “Each year, Qualcomm continues to innovate and lead in smartphone processor cameras. Snapdragon processors not only best the competition in DXOMARK, but they also lap their predecessors. When it released the Snapdragon 888, the company delivered more than 20 industry firsts, many camera related. It will continue to define premium camera offerings as new Snapdragon processors enter the market.”

In another recent test, DXOMARK put the Snapdragon Insiders smartphone on their test bench. The device was awarded a score of 1334 – ranking it the No. 1 DXOMARK camera score in the U.S.! And prior to the Snapdragon Insiders smartphone’s achievement, the Snapdragon powered Xiaomi Mi Pro delivered DXOMARK record-breaking performance.

Finally, if you’re looking at leadership from a numbers point of view, Gartner reported that Snapdragon is powering more than 1.6 billion smartphone cameras today5. With those numbers, you could say Qualcomm Technologies is the largest camera platform company on the planet… and Snapdragon indeed offers users leading-edge camera technology.

Reason #4: Fastest Wi-Fi and superior Bluetooth

Both Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 888+ feature Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 system , which supports peak Wi-Fi 6 speeds up to 3.6 Gbps — that’s the fastest in the industry — as well as 6 GHz capacity with Wi-Fi 6E.

In addition, FastConnect strengthens both Snapdragon platforms with:

  • Advanced bi-directional traffic management delivers high speed performance and lightning quick responsiveness for video conferencing and other demanding applications requiring smooth downlink and uplink speeds, even in heavily congested areas.
  • 4K QAM, 160MHz channels and 4-stream Dual Band Simultaneous to provide enhanced performance and reliability.
  • Leading Bluetooth audio innovations, such the Qualcomm aptX Audio Suite, deliver a new class of crisp, reliable, and responsive voice and music. 
  • Dual Bluetooth antennas with smart antenna switching diversity to significantly improve Bluetooth link robustness.

Whether you’re on the road using cellular or just relaxing at home using Wi-Fi, Snapdragon has you covered, making sure you’re getting the premium experiences you deserve.

Reason #5: Snapdragon Elite Gaming

Looking for the ultimate gaming advantage? Snapdragon Elite Gaming Technology is it, and it’s available on all the latest gaming smartphones powered by Snapdragon.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming is packed with optimizations and hardware and software features focused on enhancing the mobile gaming experience and bringing desktop-level capabilities to mobile games. It gives gamers the advantage they’re looking for as well as game developers the ability to get closer to the hardware. Devices with Snapdragon Elite Gaming support ultra-realistic graphics, incredible audio, smooth game play, and near-instant responses — all of the advantages needed to deliver truly immersive, next-level gaming.

Reason #6: Snapdragon Sound

Snapdragon Sound Technology brings together the very best of our audio, connectivity, and mobile innovations to deliver a new class of crisp, reliable, and responsive audio whether you’re listening direct from your mobile device or via your wireless earbuds.

It’s designed to deliver studio master quality, so you can hear every detail of your music in 24-bit, 96kHz high-resolution Bluetooth. It also gets you fully immersed in lag-free gaming with ultra-low latency as well as feel better connected to colleagues and loved ones through voice and video calls with true-to-life audio.  

Don’t just take our word for it. Recent DXO audio tests ranked the Snapdragon powered/Snapdragon Sound equipped Asus ROG 5 and Snapdragon Insiders smartphone first and second, respectively.

Snapdragon Sound is how sound should sound.


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Reason #7: Quick Charge

If your lifestyle is always on the go and you're always using your smartphone, you don’t have the time to endlessly sit around and wait for your phone to charge. We have the fix: Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 Technology.  

Quick Charge 5 is the world’s first commercially viable fast charging platform to support more than 100W charging power in a smartphone.

So how quick? Quick Charge 5 is designed to take devices from 0 to 50 percent battery life in five (5) minutes. Simply… amazing.

You deserve the best. Accept nothing less.

So, are those enough reasons to demand Snapdragon in your next smartphone? Your smartphone is your connection to the world — your world. Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve the most premium mobile experiences.


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