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Qualcomm and VictoryXR collaborate on game-changing VR education program

Apr 29, 2021

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At Qualcomm Technologies, we believe greater connectivity benefits the greater good — and we pride ourselves in collaborating with innovative thinkers and creators who are equally dedicated to enriching lives. We’re especially excited about technologies like XR, VR, and AR because they offer tremendous opportunities for positive impact in industries like education, collaboration, health care, and many more. Innovation in remote education became particularly important over the past year, and technologies like these are primed to transform education now and into the future. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to be collaborating with VictoryXR. We worked with the company to provide Oculus Quest 2 headsets powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform for VictoryXR’s VR education program with Morehouse College, a historically Black, all male institution based in Atlanta. 

The innovative work of VictoryXR

Over a year ago, we established our XR Enterprise Program, and VictoryXR was an initial member. VictoryXR, a world leader in VR and AR educational product development, believes in the potential for technology to deliver transformative educational experiences. The company has been active in VR education since 2016, and since then their programs have evolved from primarily solo learning experiences to collaborative ones with the creation of the VictoryXR campus. VictoryXR now focuses on creating engaging and inspiring curriculum (for primary, secondary, and collegiate levels) that’s written by award-winning educators and runs on commercial VR hardware. 

When developing educational VR content, VictoryXR invites us to imagine how much more impactful it would be to learn about world history by traveling the globe instantaneously, or how much easier it’d be to understand atoms if you could stand inside of one. VictoryXR believes VR can take what would otherwise be static information and expand it into a truly interactive and three-dimensional experience. Additionally, the company believes the technology can completely revolutionize education for students of all backgrounds, special needs, and those who benefit from non-traditional learning environments. 

Bringing VR to Morehouse College

When envisioning the VR trial program with Morehouse, VictoryXR knew it wanted to deliver an immersive experience that captured the students’ imaginations and enabled them to excel.  

To start, VictoryXR took the curriculum of four Morehouse College classes (Men’s Health, Inorganic Chemistry, world history, and Literature) and creatively adapted them for VR use within the class. Similar to an in-person class, the program allows students to directly interact with the educational content or split off into discussion groups within the VR environment. Professors can even “walk” between the groups to answer questions and interact with students.

Creating a meaningful environment in the classroom and beyond

One of the most significant benefits of in-person learning is the connection that students establish amongst themselves as well as with their instructor. Achieving this was the guiding ethos behind VictoryXR’s program but extends beyond the curriculum as well. A professor asked VictoryXR if it would be possible to design a virtual “barbershop” — a room where students can log in, ask questions, and socialize together or with their professor. Even beyond the classroom, VR is helping create the community typically experienced on campus. 

One of the most exciting elements of this scenario (from a technological standpoint) is the ability to host the same VR experience for a group of users, rather than just one. Doing so has historically been a hurdle, but as Snapdragon technologies have been integrated into advanced headsets, these immersive group experiences are now possible. We believe breakthroughs in technology like this can enable companies like VictoryXR to innovate in highly impactful ways, such as with their VictoryXR campus and unique classrooms.

How Snapdragon enhances VR

VictoryXR needed to source hardware headsets that were equipped with cutting-edge technology to power an immersive virtual classroom experience unlike any other. Qualcomm Technologies funded 60 Oculus Quest 2 headsets powered by the Snapdragon XR2 platform to help VictoryXR make its ambitions for the program a reality. The platform provides game-changing performance features like up to seven concurrent cameras, 8k 360-degree video, voice UI, and context awareness.

We purpose-built the Snapdragon XR2 platform to bring scenarios like VictoryXR’s VR curriculum to life, and to give students the immersive experience that can ignite a passion for learning.

A promising first step


How did they do it?

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While Morehouse College’s VR program is still early in its deployment, VictoryXR is already seeing promising results. In just a handful of weeks, students and professors are adapting quickly and engaging enthusiastically with this exciting new content in meaningful ways. Better yet, the experience is inspiring high levels of interest around the digital environment — a strong indicator of how much more could be in store for VR in education.

This is only the beginning of VR for education. Qualcomm Technologies and VictoryXR both see enormous potential, and we look forward to further developing the technologies and solutions that will continue to evolve the digital transformation of education. 

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