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20 years of collaboration: How Qualcomm and Motorola continue to innovate together

Mar 25, 2021

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Qualcomm takes pride in closely collaborating with innovative companies that care about enriching lives and transforming industries as much as we do. One of those innovators is Motorola. We share a storied history, and Motorola’s strides in mobile technology continue to inspire.

We recently sat down with Motorola’s Executive Director of Customer Experience, Ruben Castano, to chat about the innovations our two companies have fostered over the years. We also discussed two new projects that the team has been working on — the moto g100 and Ready For platform — and how Qualcomm technology is playing a part in this exciting, new phone.

OnQ: Tell us a little about Qualcomm and Motorola’s history of collaboration.

Ruben Castano: Qualcomm and Motorola have a longstanding relationship. For over 20 years, we’ve been working together to push industry boundaries and bring innovative products to the market. One example is the first moto g smartphone, which launched in 2013. This bold move disrupted the industry by bringing a quad-core processor into a more affordable price point, leading to the creation of the mid-tier segment. Many of Motorola’s most iconic products over the years feature innovations from Qualcomm Technologies and were the result of a close collaboration. This includes the moto z3 (our first 5G enabled phone), motorola razr and razr 5G, moto g 5G plus, and now the moto g100

What made Motorola want to work with Qualcomm Technologies and use Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms?

Motorola and Qualcomm share passion for disrupting the status quo: innovation and transforming technology into meaningful experiences for consumers is in our DNA. We work with Qualcomm Technologies because the company’s advanced products and solutions lead the industry in many ways and have enabled us to build mobile experiences our users love. 

Tell us about moto g100. What new experiences is it delivering?

Moto g100 is revolutionizing the mid-tier once again by delivering flagship-level performance with the first ever 8 series platform in a moto g device. It’s one of the first smartphones in the world to use the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G Mobile Platform. It’s also our fastest moto g ever and the first device to feature our new Ready For platform, that will unleash the full potential of our smartphones.

The moto g100 offers both fast 5G speeds and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, which makes streaming and downloading a breeze. It also eliminates lag for instant camera responsiveness, ultra-fast app startup, and endless opportunities for effortless multitasking. We also included Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming Features, which gives gamers a major boost, including advanced customizations, ultra-realistic graphics, and lightning speeds. Additionally, a 6.7-inch CinemaVision display brings movies to life, while a 5000 mAh battery lets users make the most of all these experiences.  

We understand this is the 10th generation of moto g. What learnings from past generations went into creating this new release?

Since creating the mid-tier smartphone market in 2013, moto g has revolutionized the industry by delivering incredible, fully-featured mobile experiences at more accessible prices. A big part of our success is that we are always listening to our consumers' needs to prioritize the key experiences and features on smartphones that matter most to them. 

But the introduction of mid-tier smartphones into the market has changed consumers’ mindsets, too. More and more, they expect new features and innovations in this segment, and this challenge is what motivates us to continue pushing boundaries of the mid-tier by bringing newer and more powerful features into the moto g family. Our 2020 research into mid-tier consumers revealed their top four considerations in a new mobile device are performance, battery life, camera quality, and storage capacity. So now, as we celebrate 10 generations, we’re innovating within the mid-tier by bringing flagship-level performance improvements for these experiences. 

What made the Snapdragon 870 5G Mobile Platform the ideal platform for powering the G100?

We carefully selected each individual component of the device to ensure it would help bring these experiences to life smoothly and seamlessly. The Snapdragon 870 platform brings a flagship-level performance to this smartphone and is the ideal platform to power all its amazing features. This includes truly global 5G and performance boosts that unleash immersive gaming, entertainment, and camera experiences.  

Since this device is a major milestone for us at Motorola, we wanted to create something really special to celebrate the moto g franchise and our history of bringing flagship features to more accessible price points. It’s the perfect moment to introduce the first moto g with a Snapdragon 8 series processor.

Tell us more about the Ready For platform. What is it, and what does it do for users?

Ready For lets users expand their smartphone experience to bigger screens. This could be a monitor or even a TV, and all the device’s content is organized and easy to access with one click through our Experience Hub. No need to download software, change settings, or even open an app. Users can control their experiences using their smartphone’s trackpad or add accessories via Bluetooth, including a wireless mouse, keyboard, or gaming controller.

Our smartphones already have access to our favorite games, movies, and shows. We believe that smartphones can serve as the complete entertainment hub —bringing users’ content to whatever size screen suits them. With the launch of the moto g100 and our Ready For platform, we want to free consumers from the confines of their smartphone’s screen size. The platform will serve as a way for consumers to unleash the full potential of their smartphone, with expanded big-screen video calls, more immersive mobile entertainment, and an instant mobile desktop, all enabled by one device. 

What’s the next big breakthrough Motorola is looking toward?

As consumers continue to demand products that keep up with their busy lifestyles and support their specific needs, you’ll see an increased focus on bringing devices to market that can cater to all types of consumers. We’re also seeing a shift toward more flexibility and synergies between all types of devices, which is where Ready For and powerful devices like the moto g100 come into play. There’s also been an increased emphasis on video creation, publishing, and sharing, which is why we added the powerful new camera features seen on the moto g100 such as Dual Capture mode.

In the year ahead, we want to focus enabling our consumers to use our technology to create, educate, and communicate with the world around them. We’re also interested in AR and VR, as well as greater capabilities for smart devices to interact with one another. In addition to this, AI, edge computing, and security are all major interests. We can’t wait to share what we have in store!

One of the best parts about working with Motorola is that the company continually inspires us with its drive and creativity. Our shared love of innovation is how we can transform the mobile industry together, and we couldn’t be more excited for Motorola to share this new project, powered by Snapdragon, with the world.


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