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Helping Yamaha deliver ultimate listening experiences for a wide range of consumers

Aug 27, 2020

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In the wireless age, immersive sound quality that’s both robust and dynamic is becoming ever more fundamental across all product categories. This is due to the increasing global popularity of listening to movies, video, gaming and calls wirelessly as well as streaming music.

Qualcomm Technologies creates cutting-edge tech that connects listeners with powerful, high-quality audio experiences. We’re delighted to work closely with many of the world’s leading audio manufacturers, such as Yamaha, to help deliver the premium audio experiences that consumers desire. Yamaha is a global brand well known for its long legacy in audio, from musical instruments and digital equipment to consumer devices. At every step of the audio chain, Yamaha brings a steadfast dedication to delivering truly immersive, uncompromising sound quality.

Just this month, Yamaha released 11 new designs across its portfolio, relying on our smart audio platforms and technologies to help make its innovative product visions a reality. This impressive lineup brings advanced audio features to multiple form factors, with options at many price points.

Truly wireless earbuds with intelligent audio 

The TW-E3A, TW–E5A and TW–E7A Truly Wireless Earbuds, with Qualcomm QCC3020 / Qualcomm QCC3034

Designed for long-term use with minimal charging, the exciting new TW-E3A, TW-E5A, and TW-E7A include multiple audio features for more optimized on-the-go listening such as:

  • Yamaha’s unique algorithms – Listening Care intelligently optimizes audio frequencies for the preservation of long-term ear health 
  • Active noise cancellation to help remove unwanted external noise (only for TW-E7A)

  • Voice control available with a tap-to-talk activation

  • Qualcomm aptX Audio support for a premium audio quality experience

  • Wireless charging for maximum convenience and a complete, truly wireless experience (only for TW-E7A) 

Truly wireless earbuds are fast becoming consumers’ top choice for use on-the-go, across all different mobile media types. This means earbud audio quality must perform well across a range of scenarios. The superior connectivity and audio processing integrated on Qualcomm Technologies’ ultra-low-power audio SoCs means they can meet the latency and battery life requirements needed to support this increasingly demanding type of usage.

Small yet mighty soundbars

The SR-C20A and SR-B20A soundbars, with the Qualcomm MAPX Processor and Qualcomm QCC3007

The SR-C20A and SR-B20A soundbars are price-friendly offerings that complement Yamaha’s suite, which includes the YAS-109, YAS-209, and MusicCast 400 bars (also built with our tech). They’re perfect for consumers who enjoy movies, video gaming, and have a home theatre set up in a smaller space. The SR-C20A and SR-B20A include:

  • Virtual surround sound technology that drives left, center, right, and back sound effects from a single bar

  • Rich bass reproduction for powerful movie or music experiences

  • Yamaha’s clear voice tech for preserving the sounds of human voices with upmost clarity against background sounds, even at low volumes

  • A choice of switching between four modes, so whether users are listening alone, having a party, enjoying movies or gaming, the sound can be optimized for the content 

The Qualcomm MAPX platform offers advanced audio format decoding and signal processing developed specifically for use in soundbars. It provides OEMs, like Yamaha, the high-performance and freedom necessary to build incredible-sounding home theatre products at a range of tiers.

More adaptive Bluetooth sound 

The EP-E30A, EP-E50A, EP-E70A, YH-E500A and YH-E700A wireless headphones, with the Qualcomm QCC5124 and aptX Adaptive

The Yamaha YH-E700A over-ear wireless headphones and the EP-E70A wireless neck-band headphones are among the world’s first to include aptX Adaptive technology. We engineered aptX Adaptive specifically to support low latency, seamless Bluetooth audio capable of dynamically adjusting as the user transitions through a range of content types, including gaming, video, and music. Additionally, both products support voice assistance and active noise cancellation.

As listener behaviors are changing, superior sound quality is the ultimate purchase driver for audio products — as it has been for many years. 

We’re proud to be collaborating with Yamaha and bringing our foundational audio platforms to work with a company at the forefront of delivering rich, immersive sounding experiences that delight consumers around the globe.

Qualcomm QCC3020, Qualcomm QCC3034, Qualcomm QCC5124, Qualcomm aptX, Qualcomm MAPX, and Qualcomm QCC3007 are products of Qualcomm Technologies Inc., and/or its subsidiaries.

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