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When connectivity is critical: 5G’s call to action

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon discusses the importance of connectivity during these uncertain times and what 5G is bringing us.

Apr 24, 2020

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The need for connectivity in every facet of society has never been more pressing than it is right now. This includes how we’re working together throughout the Qualcomm community, as well as supporting our customers and partners around the world. More than just imagining new possibilities, people all over the world are now working beyond the office, learning beyond the classroom, and experiencing healthcare beyond the traditional doctor’s office or clinic.

Cue 5G: This next generation of wireless networking is designed as the foundation for scaling connectivity and supporting mission-critical infrastructure needed across the globe. After a decade of Qualcomm Technologies breakthroughs that are leading the world to 5G, we never could have imagined that 5G would be called to action in this way. We’re working closely with our customers and partners at a time when it’s fundamentally important that we’re all connected. We’re also creating new ways to respond.

Some of the industries we’re helping transform with this technology are proving to be the most vital right now. 5G networking can allow people to connect with doctors from a distance, increasing access to healthcare when it’s needed most. Right now, more people are meeting with their healthcare workers over video chat, and this may become a new normal for many communities. 5G networks will enable this practice to expand, and become easier and more accessible on our mobile devices. In fact, as part of the CARES Act in the U.S., the FCC recently announced a $200 million investment to stimulate telehealth practices and technology.

In education, the vision for 5G is to create new ways of learning, even in remote areas. Imagine students in virtual learning environments using PCs or tablets to connect and interact with a teacher in another country to learn a new language, without a lot of lag or connectivity issues.



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Many of us who work in an office are likely logging on from home now, but 5G also unlocks remote work opportunities for roles beyond office jobs. For example, with 5G-connected infrastructure, workers can collaborate, while performing data-intensive tasks. Imagine scientists collecting data in the field while video chatting with colleagues who are analyzing that same information in real time. This is just one example of how 5G can pick up the pace of human innovation in ways that matter most.

These times are shining the spotlight on our ability to work remotely and, above all, remain connected and collaborate. We’re hearing a lot of excitement from the mobile network operators we work with, as they continue to pursue 5G plans.

And Qualcomm will do its part, too. Now, more than ever, we remain dedicated to creating breakthrough technologies that can help the world connect, compute, and communicate for the better.


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Cristiano R. Amon

President & CEO, Qualcomm Incorporated