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Unlocking the greater lifetime value and potential of the connected car

Jan 9, 2020

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Since the automobile was first offered commercially, the automotive industry has achieved a long history of groundbreaking innovations and improvements in areas like safety, convenience and engine technology. While manufacturers have incorporated wireless and advanced computing technology into vehicles for years, the industry is at an inflection point of opportunity in these areas. The modern connected car is unleashing revolutionary capabilities for consumers and businesses, as well as creating new business and revenue models. Many auto manufacturers are quickly seizing upon these opportunities, yet there are significant challenges. In addition to integrating new, complex technology into their vehicles — and dealing with new business models and paradigms — manufacturers also face the challenge of orchestrating connected car features and components into a complete, cohesive service offering.

Introducing Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud Service

Qualcomm Technologies has been a leading supplier of automotive connectivity, telematics, and infotainment technology for more than 10 years, with millions of chipsets sold to OEMs and suppliers worldwide. Now, with the introduction of the Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud Service at CES 2020, we are offering a comprehensive set of secure services and life cycle management for the connected car. This suite of services can help manufacturers improve cost efficiency, offer a superior user experience, and create service revenue opportunities throughout the stages of a vehicle’s life cycle.

Provided as a cloud-based infrastructure, Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud includes:

  • Highly configurable hardware with on-demand activation
  • Comprehensive data analytics that yield actionable insights
  • Global telematics and consumer connectivity
  • Services management

Flexible products

Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud maximizes the ongoing configurability of the connected car product to ensure customization and updates over the vehicle’s lifetime. This includes traditional over-the-air (OTA) updates and provisioning, as well as comprehensive management of user applications and software features.

Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud also features an innovative Soft SKU capability, allowing for field-upgradeable chips to securely support new functionality as performance requirements increase or new features become available. This allows for mid-cycle performance boosts, regional customization and feature upgrades tailored for specific product segments. In addition, because of Soft SKU capabilities, OEMs can customize a single SKU for multiple tiers and markets,  which can lead to saving costs associated with dedicated investments in multiple SKUs.

Deeper insights, richer analytics and actionable data

Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud is designed to provide actionable analytics using a variety of available data. This includes data from sources such as on-board application processors, operating systems, modem, location, and vehicle system status. Combined with Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud’s state-of-the-art analytics, manufacturers may:

  • Identify key trends
  • Optimize user experiences
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Target/segment customers for new services, applications, and content offerings

Using these insights, automakers are well positioned to design unique experiences that are personalized for the driver, the passenger and the car. And by better understanding and segmenting the customer, manufacturers can create new revenue opportunities with targeted services.

Global connectivity

Built upon our well-established technology, Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud offers a complete telematics and consumer connectivity solution for OEMs and their customers. As manufacturers ship vehicles to their target markets, the vehicles can be automatically provisioned with connectivity that is integrated with local operators and meets regulatory compliance. The solution includes features such as custom APNs and differentiated routing, as well as an OEM-branded payment portal and advanced billing solution.

Services management

Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud also offers a service management layer to empower manufacturers in deploying and managing services in their customers’ vehicles. Through our own technology and hardware, as well as key ecosystem relationships, we can help manufacturers provide their customers with such opportunities as:

  • A rental car company providing Wi-Fi hotpots as an upgrade option
  • A dealer providing a virtual assistant bundled with a data package as part of the automobile’s MSRP
  • A consumer accepting a trial offer for a sponsored music application

The Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud service management layer offers tools to manufacturers to more easily expand the services that create compelling consumer experiences, as well as generate new revenue opportunities for manufacturers.

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