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Snapdragon Elite Gaming provides mobile gamers with a competitive edge

Mar 18, 2019

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Your cherry red race car spews exhaust as you await the race’s start. The countdown marker beeps over the sounds of revving engines. The light turns green and you’re off. As you twist and turn your phone powered by Snapdragon, your car pivots around the course, racing toward the finish. 

Mobile gaming is on the rise, and while casual, one-player games have long been popular, we’re increasingly seeing multiplayer and graphics-rich gaming experiences on our smartphones and other mobile devices. The types of immersive games typically played on consoles and PCs have been possible on mobile, but can stifle bandwidth, drain battery life, and push the GPU to its limits. That changes with Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming on the new Snapdragon 855 mobile platform. It has what it takes to take on these challenges and fully embrace the expectations that come with the new era of mobile gaming.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming is a jam-packed arsenal of hardware and software features, and optimizations focused on gaming. It can give you a competitive edge and game developers the ability to get closer to the hardware. Devices with chipsets that have Snapdragon Elite Gaming support cinema-quality graphics, powerful audio, smooth play, and near-instant responses — all of the advantages needed to deliver truly immersive and next-level gaming.


When it comes to mobile gaming (or any gaming, really), graphics are key. They can fully immerse you as you speed to the finish or, if they’re not up to par, provide enough of a distraction that you crash that cherry red race car.

The Vulkan 1.1 Graphics Driver gives developers more control over the game’s shading, depth, and detail, adding to the enhanced realism you crave as you race down the track. With this flexibility, developers can fine tune color and graphic elements, tweaking them so the road looks like you stepped onto a real race track. And whether it’s city streets or desert dunes, even the surrounding scenery looks like a plausible, alternative reality. 

Devices with Elite Gaming also support HDR rendering and display, or what we refer to as True HDR. This comprehensive HDR highlights brightness and darkens shadows in every scene, displaying the game in over a billion shades of color. Developers can bridge the gap between imagination and reality through physical-based rendering, transporting you to the cityscape you’re speeding through.


As you attempt to pass your opponents, you can hear every tire screech, wind gust, and engine rev. You’re so close, you can hear it, and it’s thanks to a few Qualcomm Technologies solutions.

Game Wireless Audio Qualcomm aptX Adaptive is a Snapdragon Elite Gaming feature that makes it possible to synchronize surround sound with the action you see on your screen, lowering latency even when you’re wearing Bluetooth headphones. And to amplify every acoustic sound, Qualcomm Aqstic is there to transform your mobile device into a speaker. With crystal clear audio, mobile gaming can truly engross you, making it easier and more fun to engage with the race in front of you.


You’re gaining momentum as you accelerate, narrowing the gap between you and your fellow drivers. If you want to take the lead, it’s now or never. Even the slightest lag can thwart your plans — a slight mishandling of a turn might send you off course and eating dust. Not to worry: Snapdragon Elite Gaming devices are packed with a variety of features that keep the game running smoothly (and you on the road).

Game Fast Loader launches your mobile game at lightning speed, so you won’t be left twiddling your thumbs while waiting for your game to start when you open the app. When your race car hits the road, Game Jank Reducer eliminates any static and stutter that may occur on screen. By significantly paring down jank, all of your drifts will look crisp without any blips in the turns. Working in conjunction with this feature is the Game Q-Sync. The technology is engineered to automatically adjusts the device’s display refresh rate to ensure your game runs without hiccups, even when it’s heavy with high-resolution graphics.

Game Network Latency Manager is your secret weapon, automatically optimizing your device’s settings to make the game more efficient and fluid. By reducing latency, every shift in direction is immediately reflected in the game — when you turn your phone left, your virtual race car instantly swerves in the same direction as if you were right in the driver’s seat.

If you’re wary about opponents hacking the game and gaining an unfair advantage, have no fear: anti-cheat extensions make it difficult for hackers to take advantage of the backend, so the race remains fair.

To ensure that you don’t glance at your phone’s battery levels and panic midway through the race, there’s Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+. The fourth-generation fast charging solution delivers up to a 50 percent charge in 15 minutes — up to 4X faster than conventional charging*. It also offers Dual Charge and Qualcomm Battery Saver, developed to keep your device cool while stretching your battery life, so you can reach the finish line without draining too much power.

What’s next for mobile gaming

As more 5G devices debut this year, mobile gaming will soon take advantage of the next generation of connectivity. Faster speeds, more bandwidth, and even ultra-low latency will support real-time, multi-player and immersive gaming. Wi-Fi for the 5G era will also transform the mobile gaming space: You’ll be able to play on your device as you carry it from place to place, without a hitch in the performance or multi-gigabit speeds. 

Snapdragon Elite Gaming also supports Game Console Mode, allowing you to cast your race to a larger display like a high resolution 4K TV. This means that you can play together with friends on the big screen using your mobile devices as controllers — no bulky accessories required. 

Now the finish line is just on the horizon. Because your device is powered by a platform with Snapdragon Elite Gaming, you’ve got the competitive edge you need to blow past your competitor. Victory is yours.

To be the best, you need to play with the best. Whether you’re a new player, a hard-core gamer, or a mobile e-sports pro, Snapdragon Elite Gaming provides premier mobile gaming innovations. With a full suite of features and enhancements that are optimized for gaming, you’ll discover next-level performance like you’ve never experienced before. With 30 years of innovation under our belt, we’re welcoming a new age of gaming that will connect the world, even if it’s for one lap around the race track.

It’s time to level up and stand among the elite. 

*Quick Charge is designed to increase the battery charge of a device by up to 50% in 15 minutes. Actual results may vary depending on device design.
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