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A standard for Wi-Fi mesh networking is an industry win

May 16, 2018

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Have you ever wondered how Wi-Fi systems connect smartphones, printers, smart thermostats, or gaming consoles with relative ease? Or how despite all the variation and diversity inherent to connectivity technologies, things somehow, magically, just work? In large part, it’s thanks to industry standards created and managed by industry groups like the Wi-Fi Alliance and many others. Standards are supported by multiple vendors and verified by robust certification programs, and help ensure vibrant ecosystems of interoperable products.

This assurance is foundational for market innovation. It guarantees device manufacturers a predictable set of common technology rules upon which they carve out differentiation. Consumers, then, get to choose the device that offers the features they want with the confidence that the underlying technology works.

So we’re excited to see a new certification program announcement by the Wi-Fi Alliance, called Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh. Like all standards efforts, Wi-Fi EasyMesh sets benchmarks for vendors to deploy mesh networks, whose most recognizable traits are easy setup, automatic device onboarding and configuration, network intelligence and optimization, and scalability.

Like so many big bets that came before in the mobile and connectivity arenas, when Qualcomm Technologies breaks through, these industries leap forward. Our core mesh networking innovations, like Wi-Fi SON, created a disruption in home networking to deliver amazing customer experiences. It should come as no surprise, then, that Qualcomm Technologies is a key contributor to the Wi-Fi EasyMesh standard. We’re honored to play this leadership role at the Alliance, recently receiving the Outstanding Leadership & Contribution Award for the sixth time in seven years.

The Wi-Fi Alliance certification program validates the maturity of Wi-Fi-based mesh networks and foreshadows a new phase of category growth. The Wi-Fi EasyMesh standard and certification program provides a stamp of approval to important key segments of the Wi-Fi ecosystem — broadband carriers especially — signifying that Wi-Fi mesh is a networking architecture that will be supported by the broad industry, and is ready for broad deployment.

Our constant cycle of innovation has put us far along the path to delivering new technology and mesh networking experiences far beyond the core standard, and we anticipate even greater things to come.

We can’t wait to show you what’s next for our Qualcomm Mesh Networking platform, so check back for more updates or sign up for our networking newsletter to keep up with the latest.


Qualcomm Mesh Networking platform and Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its affiliated companies.


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Caleb Banke

Senior Manager, Marketing