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Real Always On, Always Connected PC experiences [video]

Mobile innovation is the reason you’ll want Windows 10 on Snapdragon.

Mar 20, 2018

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What’s your biggest pet peeve about today’s laptops? Maybe it’s the heat  many laptops can be uncomfortable to handle as they heat up after a while. The ability to get online, securely, anytime can be challenging as public Wi-Fi can be slow and insecure. Most definitely, it’s battery life. In fact, our internal research validates most third-party research which pinpoints battery life as the top driver of laptop dissatisfaction for consumers. Real-world battery life, as it turns out, is typically half of what makers claim it to be. These annoyances are not new, nor has the traditional underlying technology done much to solve them — until now. Qualcomm Technologies constantly sees opportunities to solve problems and support better experiences. After all, we invented the technology that revolutionized mobile technology. We know how to allow people to connect, create, and compute on the go and in the most power-efficient way possible.

We are bringing the best of smartphone technology to the PC, supporting innovation consumers actually want. Always On, Always Connected PC devices*, powered by our Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile PC Platform, are the gold standard for what mobile PCs should be. Our platform is designed to allow OEMs to deliver many breakthrough user experiences including beyond all-day battery life  including up to 20+ hours of continuous video playback. It also supports an instant on, always on, and always connected device. What does that mean for you? Based on our internal testing compared to devices enabled by other platforms, you’ll enjoy four to five times longer battery life in connected standby  all while your apps, email, and data are always syncing and up-to-date. Sound familiar? Hey, it’s just like your smartphone. Even better, all these logical, smart, and life enhancing improvements are delivered in the coolest way possible (literally) because our platform is so much more power-efficient and generates very little heat.

Last month at MWC, we shared how Qualcomm Technologies is reinventing the PC, speeding up the innovation cycle and truly defining the Always On, Always Connected PC experience. To further illustrate this category-defining innovation, our team put devices powered by our Snapdragon platform to the test, measuring them against devices powered by more traditional platforms, and filmed the results. The outcomes validate our beliefs and demonstrate real-world user benefits in delivering experiences that actually matter. Get ready to witness the truly Always On, Always Connected PC powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile PC platform, delivering a mobile PC experience in ways devices powered by traditional platforms cannot. Let’s have a look.

Instant on, always on, and always connected capability*

Similar to your smartphone, Snapdragon-powered mobile PC platforms turn on instantly, are always on, and are always connected to the Internet through a low-power mode called connected standby. This mode keeps you connected to the network to help ensure you receive notification and ensure all your data is synched. This solves a critical consumer problem, as many PCs equipped with other processors can only support a mode called disconnected standby, in which your Internet connection is dropped after an inactive period. While some PCs claim to support connected standby, their batteries drain rapidly or must fall into a hibernate mode shortly after to save power, in which case they are not “Always Connected” and require you to wait for the PC to be active.

In the above video, we match our Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PC against a device equipped with another processor. Watch as the device powered by Snapdragon is always on and resumes instantly, significantly faster than the other device.

Engineered to stay cool: superior performance during sustained workloads

Thin, quiet and cool: Qualcomm Snapdragon engineered to deliver superior performance​ during sustained workload.

Always On, Always Connected PCs powered by Snapdragon are designed to be sleek and thin, supporting workloads for up to 20+ hours without slowing down performance. Our low-powered solution is engineered to create very little heat and doesn’t need a fan to stay cool.

In the above video, you’ll see how cool our platform runs, sustaining the mobile PC’s performance. After just 15 minutes of multitasking  streaming video while playing a game  the device powered by a competing solution generates a lot more heat. As a result, the processor starts throttling and causes gaming performance to plummet to 36 frames per second. This is in stark contrast to the performance of our platform, which remains cool and delivers a speedy 56 frames per second, helping to support a smooth and consistent experience. Later in the video, you’ll notice that after an hour of multitasking, the Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered performance remains relatively unfazed.

You can see more detailed information in the performance graphs below.

Unlike our solution, our competitor’s heat output jumps dramatically within minutes of activity.
Unlike our competitor, our solution maintains a consistent level of performance over a period of time.

Beyond all-day battery life

Snapdragon-powered smartphones are designed to deliver great performance while using very little battery power. Now, we are bringing the same innovation to the Always On, Always Connected PC.

In the above video, take a look at beyond-all-day battery life in action. We ran a battery life stress test, pitting a competitive processor that played a 1080p video for as long as possible with the PC’s display set at 100nits. The device powered by Snapdragon played for more than 20 hours! If you’re not watching videos for more than 20 hours a day, you can expect even longer, beyond-all-day battery life.

The tests conducted in these videos illustrate the real-world benefits for consumers who are tired of false promises, slow connections, delays in productivity, and a PC experience tethered by inadequacies. Finally, consumers will be able to choose something better  a REAL, Always On, Always Connected PC  made possible by Qualcomm Technologies’ decades of mobile innovation and powered by Snapdragon.

Always On, Always Connected PCs mobile innovations from HP, Lenovo and ASUS are launching globally.

*Requires network connection and will support up to 20 hours of battery life.
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