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Episode 18: Dean Kamen on why the world needs invention now more than ever [podcast]

What is legendary inventor Dean Kamen’s prediction for our future? With the only certainty being “we’re going to be wrong at a much more accelerated pace,” he believes that our best bet is to create more inventors who can solve the problems we can’t even fathom now.

In this episode, Dan Novak, VP of Corporate Relations, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., talks with inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen. Among many other achievements, Kamen is the founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and considers being the “father” of a million inventors his most significant legacy.

Dan and Dean talk about inspiration, and why kids need tech companies like Qualcomm as role models. Dean explains why he thinks invention is under attack and debunks the myth that removing patents will accelerate innovation. Oh, and you’ll also learn why Dean secretly scheduled a bulldozer to arrive at his parent’s house right after they departed for a long vacation.