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5 ways Snapdragon powered Always On, Always Connected PCs are driving new mobile experiences [video]

Jan 23, 2018

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While laptops and PCs have improved over the last decade (e.g., 2-in-1 capabilities, thinner form factors), you’ve probably wondered why progress has been so limited compared to what we’ve seen in smartphones. One could argue it’s because of what’s inside. For more than 30 years, Qualcomm Technologies has been a leading force driving mobile innovation, and now we’re bringing that same expertise to a new category: the Always Connected* PC.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform, these sleek 2-in-1 PCs support lightning fast connectivity, beyond all-day battery life, and run the full Windows 10 experience you are already familiar with. Here are five break-through mobile experiences these new Always Connected PCs aim to deliver:

1) Always On

Like your smartphone, Snapdragon powered Always Connected PCs are ready to go as soon as you open them or touch the screen. Many PCs still force users to endure a start-up cycle when powering up or even simply waking up. Not only is this all-too-familiar process annoying, it’s unnecessary with today’s technology, which is why we broke down this barrier to your mobile life. As a result, you can get to work right away — saving you time and making you more productive on-the-go.

2) Always Connected

Users can now confidently access the Internet on Always Connected Windows 10 PCs from virtually anywhere, with no need for a wired connection, trusted nearby Wi-Fi source, or cumbersome hotspot set-up.

Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that you’ll always be in proximity to a strong, trusted Wi-Fi network. In fact, you may even be forced to plan your work day based on where you have connectivity (how many cups of unwanted coffee have you purchased just to tap into a café’s Wi-Fi?). Smartphones, on the other hand, can also access wireless networks for near-instant Internet access virtually everywhere — wouldn’t it be great if your PC did the same?

Always Connected PCs powered by the Snapdragon platform come packed with an integrated cellular modem — the Snapdragon X16 LTE — engineered to allow them to tap into ubiquitous LTE networks with the same dependability as a smartphone.

3) Lightning fast LTE speeds

Not only do these new PCs have the ability to access the Internet nearly wherever and whenever with an LTE modem, they can connect with up-to Gigabit LTE speeds on compatible networks—that’s 3-7X faster than average fixed broadband speeds.

Qualcomm Technologies has been a pioneer in developing wireless for mobile (that is, fiber-like broadband experiences sans the physical wires). These new Always Connected PCs can offer the same dependable wireless broadband experiences users have come to expect from today’s marquee premium mobile devices.

4) Beyond all-day battery life

Leave your power cords at home. Snapdragon powered Always Connected PCs are notably battery-sipping, made to greatly extend the period between charging. Based on internal testing, we determined that you can expect up to 2X longer battery life than competitors in active use cases (up to 20+ hours of video playback) and 4-5X longer battery life in Connected Standby than with competing solutions.

Snapdragon 835’s power-efficient architecture, built on the cutting-edge 10nm manufacturing node, is an integrated SoC with CPU, GPU, Modem, DSP, and other components on a single chip. It is optimized for performance and power efficiency so you can experience superior performance and battery life which is especially beneficial during sustained or long workloads.

5) Thin, sleek form factors

The Snapdragon 835’s integrated SoC not only saves room on the board, it allows manufacturers to build Windows 10 PCs which completely forgo the fan. This means end-users can expect to see laptops, which not only run cooler, but are physically thinner, sleeker, and less bulky than their traditional counterparts. The Snapdragon 835 mobile PC platform gives manufacturers the flexibility to build this new generation of Always Connected PCs with the latest functionality that their customers are demanding.

Always On, Always Connected PCs represent a new paradigm in mobile computing. Snapdragon is driving a new world of innovation in this category of devices as we help support OEMs to reimagine the things users love most about their smartphones and deliver those cutting-edge technologies to the PC.

Are you excited to check out the next chapter in PCs? At our Snapdragon Tech Summit last month we learned that three premium PC manufacturers have plans to introduce these powerful PCs in the months ahead:

*Always connected PCs require network connection and can support up to 20 hours of battery life.
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