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CES 2018: Mobile technology insiders preview the 5G future [video]

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the annual gathering of all the major players in the electronics world. Vice President of Marketing Dan Novak (@danielfnovak) spoke with key tech insiders about their vision for the coming 5G era.

We’ve been working with industry leaders from across the globe to develop the 5G standards, which will deliver ubiquitous high-bandwidth connectivity and open the door to a slew of amazing new devices and services. The first 5G trials are currently underway and commercial launches are at least a year away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to preview what 5G has in store.

Qualcomm’s technologies are at the heart of the mobile era, from the first cell phones to the blazing fast 4G LTE networks of today. Our inventions have enabled new industries and made once-unthinkable features a reality — but that’s nothing compared to what’s on the horizon.