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A day in the life with the Snapdragon 835 powered HP Envy x2 PC

Dec 5, 2017

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Laptops are powerful enough to deliver the best of the digital age to your fingertips, but still small enough to accompany you wherever the day takes you. They’re an indispensable part of today’s modern, connected lifestyle and technologies from the mobile realm are opening up some intriguing new possibilities. To that end, HP is tapping into the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform to create a new breed of Always On laptop that always stays connected*.  

HP’s new Envy x2 2-in-1 PC is among the first of these new devices and a perfect example of how this new platform will have you rethink the way you interact with the digital world throughout the day.

6:00 AM: Waking up

Soon after you open your eyes, you roll over to grab the HP Envy x2 from the nightstand where you left it after some late-night binge watching.

While still in bed, you immediately open your email client, check your notifications on Facebook, and then read up on all the news that broke overnight. No need to wait for some grueling start-up routine to run its course: Always On Mobile PCs don’t need to do all that.

Like your smartphone, the Snapdragon-powered HP Envy x2 is ready to go as soon as you turn it on. But unlike your pocket-sized phone, the x2’s immediate access leads you to a familiar full Windows 10 environment attached to a full keyboard.

People can be a little slow to wake up in the morning, our machines shouldn’t be.

6:45 AM: Heading to the gym

After catching a quick bite and helping the kids get ready for school, it’s time to head out for a quick workout. As you head to the gym, you throw all your workout essentials in your bag alongside your HP Envy x2 — no extra laptop bag necessary. (Remember how, with your last laptop, you may have felt compelled to carry an additional laptop bag filled with accessories?)

Snapdragon powered mobile PCs give manufacturers the ability to create sleek, fanless designs. At a slim 6.9 mm and a mere 2.5 pounds, the durable detachable is slim enough to carry wherever you go. But perhaps even more importantly, the HP Envy x2 means you won’t need to carry any additional PC peripherals when heading out for the day.

That means you can leave that bulky power cord at home. Notably, the Snapdragon 835 is a power sipping mobile platform that allows the detachable to deliver up-to 20 hours of full HD video playback on a single charge and an astounding 700hours of standby time (the longest battery life of any Windows detachable PC, according to HP). You can also leave the hotspot behind, as HP’s stay-connected device can tap into the same blazing fast LTE-Advanced networks as your smartphone. It also means you can ditch that external hard drive since you remain connected to your data in the cloud.

7:45 AM: Binge watching on the bus

The second season of Stranger Things has been out for more than a month. Everyone at work is still talking about it, but you’re only halfway through. So many missed water cooler conversations. The HP Envy x2 can’t guarantee you’ll get a seat on the bus, but it can make your commute more productive by, say, catching up on all that great TV out there.

Not only does the HP Envy x2’s easy-to-handle detachable screen pack in more than six million pixels and boast a wide viewing angles, but the aforementioned beyond all-day battery life also means you can binge sans battery anxiety.

11:00 AM: Offsite meeting with clients

As you arrive at your client’s office to go over the new proposal, you notice an email from your boss with some small last-minute notes she wants you to include before your meeting. Good thing the HP Envy x2 still has plenty of juice, so you can make some changes to the PowerPoint presentation with ease. You even use the HP Tilt Pen to tweak that closing illustration in line with your boss’ notes.

1:30 PM: Working lunch in the park

The meeting with the client was a huge success. So, you head to the park for a quick bite to eat and email the team about next steps. There’s no reliable Wi-Fi here, but your HP Envy x2can tap into Verizon’s ubiquitous and beefy 4G LTE network, which delivers ultra-fast download speeds.

6:00 PM: Binge watching (again) on the commute home

Heading home for the day and only two more episodes of Season 2 left. You didn’t download the next episode while on your work’s Wi-Fi, but that’s fine since the HP Envy x2’s robust LTE connection means you can stream it on the go. And, it has plenty of battery life left.

7:00 PM: Video chatting with family

Your kids are getting ready for bed, but they want to say goodnight to their grandparents in Florida. So, you just detach the screen and set-up the video call and let grandma read them a bedtime story from miles away.

10:30 PM: Binge watching (yet again) in bed

Lying in bed at the end of a long day, fighting off sleep to watch the final episode on the HP Envy x2’s detachable screen. Your charger is in the other room and you’re too tired to get it, but no worry, there’s little danger the Envy will run out of energy. As you lay there at the end of a long day, can you say the same for yourself?

The HP Envy x2 is expected to be available in Spring 2018. Learn more at the HP Envy x2 site.

*requires a network connection
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