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Qualcomm spotlights exciting tech advances at Grace Hopper event

Oct 4, 2017

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Our largest contingent to date has descended on the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. This year, over 180 Qualcomm employees, across all levels, are set to join the more than 20,000 expected attendees at the conference in Orlando, Florida. We look forward to bringing awareness about our technologies, showcasing our inventors working on those technologies, and the great opportunities available at Qualcomm.

In addition, as part of the many things we do to engage students of all ages in STEM, we’re sponsoring 38 U.S. and international students to attend the conference. It’s our hope that the students come away inspired as well as energized by Qualcomm’s technology leadership and the sheer magnitude of the event’s experience.

Additionally at this year’s conference, we will have 10 speakers participating on panels and giving presentations on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to autonomous driving. Our employees will also be leading talks on eight different topics at our booth which will discuss our research across different technology verticals. Here’s a sneak preview of the many featured projects we’ll be sharing:

We’re revolutionizing 5G technologies

Our pioneering advancements in 3G and 4G technologies have connected billions of people and spurred the success of the entire telecommunications ecosystem. Qualcomm has leveraged this experience to develop 5G and we’re excited to discuss our tremendous progress at Grace Hopper.

“We’re focusing our 5G research on enabling a unified 5G design that’s scalable and adaptable across a range of services, deployments, and spectrums,” said An Chen, Sr. Director of Engineering for Qualcomm. “It feels very rewarding knowing that the wireless technologies we’re delivering will soon change how people communicate and interact with things around the world.”

Our team is currently designing the 5G air interface and core network, driving standardization, prototyping new technologies, conducting demonstrations, and trialing the systems. The 5G technologies we’re engineering will empower many new connected services across an array of world-changing use cases, including health care, agriculture, and transportation as well as creating richer and more immersive mobile device experiences.

We’re developing highly advanced XR

Qualcomm Technologies leads the way in producing great XR content that encompasses both augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) experiences. For VR, we’re pioneering a six degrees of freedom (6-DoF) Head Mounted Display (HMD) experience. To accomplish this, our team is generating innovative new algorithms for achieving 6-DoF localization, tracking, 3D reconstruction, and cutting-edge architectures on an affordable, standalone, mobile VR HMD featuring high definition, immersive visuals, and powerful mobile processing capabilities.

“No other company has the breadth of experience in XR technologies that we offer and I’m thrilled to continue their advancement,” said Sri Cressy, director of engineering for Qualcomm Technologies. “My team and I look forward to pushing the envelope of what’s possible for turning out dynamic, next-generation content.

We’re delivering game-changing mobile processors

Qualcomm Technologies continues to lead the industry in mobile processing and building Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), which are central to your smartphone’s user interface and its ability to seamlessly run complex, graphics-rich content.

“Our team is a big reason why you’re able to run desktop-like graphics on your smartphone and play really cool, sophisticated games,” said Euccas Chen, staff engineer for Qualcomm Technologies. “While we’ve made significant advancements in GPU design by leveraging sophisticated modeling and simulation techniques, as well as cutting-edge technologies like foveated rendering for XR applications, we’re always pushing ourselves to get to the next level.”

See you at Grace Hopper

We encourage you to visit our booth (#2900) as our employees look forward to sharing and discussing their numerous trailblazing projects with you. If you’re unable to attend the event, we invite you to visit our careers page and explore new opportunities at Qualcomm.

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Vicki Mealer-Burke

Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer