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The Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform – A giant leap forward for the smart home. [video]

From the folks that changed home networking, get ready for what’s next.

May 31, 2017

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Qualcomm - inventing the network that just works

May 25, 2017 | 0:54

Back when we announced our revolutionary Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON feature suite, we were pretty convinced that our customers would love it. We had high hopes, as well, that everyday people would see the tremendous value of a self-managed, simple-to-use network designed to provide corner-to-corner coverage.

We promised too, at the time, that Wi-Fi SON was only the start. When mesh networks are distributed throughout the home, and all the Wi-Fi-connected devices in the home purr with near-seamless connectivity, it’s easy to wonder about other ways to leverage this foundation of wireless connectivity in the home.


    Want a deeper dive on what’s next?

    Read the Qualcomm Technologies-commissioned whitepaper.

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    Today we announced what’s next. Next-generation mesh networks based on our platform (to date, that’s pretty much all of them), are going to thrill customers with transformational capabilities. We call it the Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform, and here’s the deal:

    • Mesh networks will now be able to communicate with devices like light bulbs, thermostats, appliances, and flying robot vacuum cleaners (which rely on connectivity technologies other than Wi-Fi, like Bluetooth, BLE, or 15.4-based technologies).
    • You’ll be able to speak to your mesh network, and it’ll talk back. You’ll be able to use it, just like (and leveraging any of the leading) voice assistant products you see today, to control all those light bulbs, coffee makers, and hovering drone pet hair collectors.
    • You’ll have choices in the marketplace with mesh networks you buy off the shelf, or are provided by your favorite broadband provider (a.k.a., ISP).

    That’s right, this platform converges a lot of capabilities and shortens a lot of hurdles for our customers. Even more important, these capabilities will give our disgruntled friends and neighbors another reason to get a mesh network, and put their connectivity pain behind them.

    We’d love to share updates with you as we continue to drive the mesh networking trend:

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