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Qualcomm Connected Car Reference Platform drives the future of cars

Feb 22, 2017

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After record sales in 2016, OEMs are looking for even more ways to diversify their fleets to stand out. One way they’re doing so is by addressing consumer demand for more connectivity features. This means delivering compelling packages — infotainment, navigation, and device integration — that take advantage of the car’s ability to connect to the internet and to other cars.

To help OEMs get there, Qualcomm Technologies recently announced the Connected Car Reference Platform (CCRP), a powerful connectivity platform designed to support a wide range of innovative applications and experiences. The new CCRP is made to help automakers and their industry partners integrate innovative, commercial-ready experiences and applications into their fleets quickly and without some of the high costs associated with developing the entire system from scratch.

Driving New and Compelling Features

Thanks to connectivity, today’s connected car is closer to a cousin of the modern computer than the classic clunker of days’ past. It’ll still get you from A to B on four wheels, but it’ll do so while supporting some awesome infotainment and navigation features as well as an array of convenient and seamless systems needed to keep the car fully connected on the road. This is possible because of the increase and intersection of data in vehicles.

The CCRP is a powerful reference telematics unit that is engineered to integrate many of the car’s systems and data inputs to allow for the creation of compelling, easy-to-use features that will appeal to drivers and passengers. CCRP’s make many use cases possible, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Multiple 4K video streams from web-based video services or an in-car media server to seat-back monitors and Wi-Fi connected tablets: The CCRP supports Gigabit-class connectivity, so devices in the car connected to the car’s wired or wireless networks can stream high-quality video almost anywhere from services like Netflix without sacrificing quality.
  • OTA software updatesWith more and more advanced digital systems responsible for the car's functionality, software updates are becoming just as important as they are to phones and tablets. With the CCRP, embedded software and firmware can be updated without requiring a trip to the dealership for a physical connection.
  • Real-time diagnostic data collection and reporting: CCRP’s connectivity to in-car systems via CAN and Ethernet allows telematics applications to collect and transmit vehicular data in addition to modem diagnostic information for analysis in the cloud.

Gigabit LTE demonstrated on CCRP

We demonstrated Gigabit LTE data calls on the CCRP in the lab in January. Applications with LTE data streaming to Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi with concurrent LAN-to-Wi-Fi data paths were running on CCRP shortly thereafter. Even with data flowing through the onboard Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE modem at Gbps rates, using IP Acceleration, the modem’s application processor is almost completely available for running telematics applications or more intensive packet inspection and routing tasks.

Navigation and connectivity

The CCRP allows manufacturers to integrate a diverse array of wireless and networking technologies in modern vehicles, including Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2, and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), with dead-reckoning, as well as optional support for DSRC and Cellular-V2X. These features are engineered to work together across the entire vehicle to support a high-quality, easy-to-configure experience.

Gigabit-class speed

The CCRP also boasts superior speed. With the Snapdragon X16 and support for 4x4 MIMO and 4x carrier aggregation, it supports Gigabit-class download speeds. That’s up to 10X faster than first generation 4G LTE devices.

By 2022, 75 percent of the 92 million cars projected to ship will support connectivity, according to BI Intelligence. And the Qualcomm Connected Car Reference Platform is helping the auto industry bring this future forward faster, developing vehicles with features that make our lives — and commutes — more connected.

You can see a live demo streaming multiple 4k videos over LTE using the Snapdragon X16 powered CCRP at our Mobile World Congress (MWC) booth (Hall 3, Stand 3E10).

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Sunvir Gujral

Director, Product Management