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aptX audio tech featured in multiple CES product launches

CES 2017 saw the launch of a host of new products containing Qualcomm aptX audio technology, our unique solution which is designed to improve the transmission of sound via a Bluetooth connection. These latest releases highlight the growing emphasis on high-quality audio among consumers.

aptX has been delivering high-quality audio in Bluetooth wireless devices since 2009, helping to pave the way for the broader adoption of Bluetooth in consumer electronics. It is used by many wireless headphone and speaker manufacturers to support premium listening experiences. Now that consumers have firmly embraced this technology and are buying more wireless audio devices than ever, aptX continues to push the frontier of high quality sound.

Launch our photo gallery below to see some of the devices supported by aptX that were launched at CES this year:

The aptX audio suite includes aptX HD, which is designed to support high resolution audio over a Bluetooth connection, so that listeners can hear even the smallest details in their music.

Alongside aptX HD is aptX Low Latency, for Bluetooth wireless audio that is synchronised with video content. This technology is designed to help improve the use of wireless devices (e.g. headphones) for applications such as video gaming and mobile viewing, where there should be no discernible delay between the video and the audio content.

With new offerings like aptX HD gaining traction, this recent momentum further cements aptX as a technology leader in this space.

Qualcomm aptX is a product of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.