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Snapdragon 600E and 410E processors help IoT manufacturers design, build, and scale

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600E and 410E processors for embedded and Internet of Things applications will be available through Arrow Electronics

Sep 28, 2016

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The next big arena for tech innovation—for both global OEMs and garage tinkerers—is the Internet of Things, also known as IoT. That means the appetite for groundbreaking, innovative IoT-based products will likely increase as hundreds of millions of devices start communicating over lightning fast, ultra-reliable networks.

In order to realize the full potential of these next generation products there needs to be compute capabilities on these edge devices. Creating connected, smart devices with the ability to process information intelligently and react immediately is critical for many applications. While technologies like Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are designed to provide high compute horsepower with low power consumption, many end customers don’t have access to this latest technology. Moreover, these technologies don’t always meet the lifecycle requirements required for most embedded applications.

That’s about to change. Today, Qualcomm Technologies announced that the Snapdragon 600E and 410E processors—designed from the mobile portfolio and prepared specifically for embedded and IoT applications—will be globally available through third-party distributor Arrow Electronics (with the Snapdragon 410E available immediately and the 600E to follow soon after). This marks the first time that the company’s flagship discrete Snapdragon processor is available broadly via the distribution channel as a standalone product.

The Snapdragon 600E and 410E are being made available through distribution for a minimum of 10 years from commercial sample of the mobile version (until 2025). End customers, manufacturers, solutions providers, and system integrators now have an astounding degree of flexibility and freedom to use Snapdragon based off-the-shelf or custom modules, or to use the Snapdragon 600E and 410E in optimized chip-on-board designs. The addition of Snapdragon 600E and 410E to the Snapdragon embedded portfolio lets manufacturers design, build, and scale their IoT-focused solutions across virtually any industry.

The Snapdragon 600E features a 1.5GHz quad-core custom Qualcomm Krait 300 CPU, providing the kind of performance that’s ideally suited for embedded systems. A Qualcomm Adreno 320 GPU and Qualcomm Hexagon DSP are engineered to ensure that the 600E is equipped to handle data-intensive, high-performance applications. It also features a host of diverse connectivity  options including Bluetooth 4.0LE/3.x, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, and GPS, addition to a variety of interfaces like SATA, PCIe, SD3.0, DDR memory, eMMC storage, HDMI, LVDS, and HSIC.

Embedded device manufacturers are already taking advantage of solutions based on Snapdragon processors. The Fujifilm’s Sonosite iViz, for example, is a portable ultrasound machine that allows medical practitioners to deliver point-of-care imaging. Powered by a Snapdragon 600 based module from Inforce Computing, it relies on the powerful system-on-chip’s ability to process inputs and simultaneously deliver crystal-clear imaging on the 7-inch hi-res screen. The iViz is ultra-portable, designed to move easily between hospital rooms or to home visits.

The Snapdragon 410E features a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A53 processor engineered to support rich multimedia capabilities with the Adreno 306 GPU and low power, efficient processing with the Hexagon DSP. And connectivity options including Bluetooth 4.1LE, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and GPS make it ideal for IoT use cases (smart homes, industrial automation, digital media players, and smart surveillance, for example).

Another real-world example is Lantronix’s Open-Q 410 Wearable Camera. This solution is a powerful reference platform that enables companies to develop body-worn camera products for law enforcement, fire safety, and emergency applications, among others. The product marries power with battery efficiency, and features buttons to record, playback, and stream video. The Open-Q reference design is made to effectively match the demands of users, like law enforcement officials, who need to ensure that their cameras operate effectively without restricting physical movement.

As stand-alone solutions, these processors add even more diversity to the world’s most powerful processing family. Scalable, reliable, and proven, Snapdragon is capable of supporting innovative products from concept to commercial availability, at scales both small and large.

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Leon Farasati

Director, Product Management

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