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Test driving the LG V20 camera

Photographer Kyle Kuiper put the camera of the latest flagship smartphone from LG to the test

The “flagship phone” moniker often comes with expectations. Chief among them: features, features, and more features. That’s not a problem for the LG V20, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which was announced earlier this month: It’s got them in spades.

Yes, it’s the first smartphone to come preloaded with Google’s new Android 7.0 Nougat OS and its phone search function, In Apps. But it’s the LG V20’s multimedia capabilities (specifically, the camera), supported by some core Snapdragon technologies, that got our attention. We turned to popular Instagram photographer Kyle Kuiper to help us take the impressive camera tech for a spin.

With the LG V20 in hand, Kyle explored our hometown of San Diego, capturing what makes it unique. Yesterday, Kyle took us to a few beautiful locations to showcase the beauty of the V20 and of our city. We handed over the reins of the Qualcomm Instagram account to Kyle where he revealed the breathtaking results.

Check out the power of LG and Snapdragon technology at work in the below image gallery:

Sunset Cliffs // Camera Feature: Manual Mode, Wide Angle




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