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Qualcomm All-Ways Aware hub helps build contextual awareness across devices

Qualcomm All-Ways Aware supports new Google Awareness API announced at Google I/O

May 24, 2016

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Our smartphone no longer exists in a world of its own. In today’s Internet of Things, it could be connected to another smartphone, wearable, smart car or … you get the point. Sensors embedded within these devices are providing valuable information—from identifying your location to sensing motion to figuring out how you use your phone, and combining it with how, where, and with what it is connected—to help improve your overall experience. That’s the Qualcomm Hexagon DSP architecture, featuring the All-Ways Aware hub, integrated in Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

In order for the All-Ways Aware hub to be effective (in other words, always on and always aware), it needs to sense and collect data at all times from both sensors and wireless connections. The All-Ways Aware hub runs on the Hexagon DSP so that it stays on at all times. This means it sips very little battery life while collecting and processing information so that your smartphone can do some pretty cool things based on the information it collects.

Google is a master of contextual awareness, or the ability to bring users the information they need when they need it. At this year’s Google I/O, the company showcased its Awareness API as part of the Android N release, which will use the All-Ways Aware hub.

All-Ways Aware comes with an entire sensor ecosystem eager to work with Google and Qualcomm Technologies to build the next generation of always-on contextual experiences. Qualcomm Technologies’ large sensor ecosystem provides a comprehensive integrated system along with the software to provide a solid foundation for Awareness-based solutions. 

The Google Awareness API will enable your Android smartphone to predict behavior and know what matters to you at any given time and Snapdragon processors will be at the forefront to enable these experiences. Qualcomm All-Ways Aware will play a crucial role supporting the Google’s Awareness API moving forward because of its always-on capabilities.

With all the requirements to realize the awareness built into the platform, Snapdragon processors are engineered to offer superior awareness experiences over stand-alone external hubs. Most importantly, Snapdragon processors have a unique advantage to support unmatched contextual experiences because of their ability to gather information from a range of both sensors and wireless connections with great power efficiency. The different types of experiences are endless because all the always-on and wake-up algorithms can now be pushed to, and live within, the All-Ways Aware hub.

The way we interact with our digital devices has evolved over time: punch-cards, keyboards, mice, touch-screens, and most recently voice. Thanks to Qualcomm All-Ways Aware, we are about to take a giant leap forward in that evolution. And in this next stage you won’t even need to interact with your phone, because it will already know what you need.

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Adam Kerin

Sr Manager, Marketing